Unable to view all of C-CM

I’m unable to see all of the options for the C-CM to be able to properly configure it. Has anyone ran into an issue like this or have pointers?

Depending on the CCM module part number/firmware:
DG1T (One line of data)
There will be 2 parameters as noted in your attached pic.
DG9T (Two lines of data)
There will be 3 parameters in 764-01-01.
There will be 1 parameter in 764-01-02, which will be the VIN.

Any other parameters are NOT asbuilt configurable, only IDS or equivalent.

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I do have a DG1T module. Would you happen to know what the 2 parameters are? I’m not finding much information on them/what I need to configure them to (if anything).

This is what UCDS lists for the CCM. The highlighted entry, DE00, is equivalent to the FORScan value 764-01-01. The other values listed are only configurable via Ford IDS.


You’re seeing all there is for that CCM. There are no more settings for this model years CCM.

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