Updating APIM Firmware (Calibration Files)

Thank you very much, I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

Your likely missing the FM Station file. But your FM station may not even have a logo.

In what file are the logos of the FM stations?

1U5T-14G658-AG 56.8Mb Sync3 v3.2. SXM (26.06.2021)

Software Database - CyanLabs

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Anyone in the Houston area that would be willing to upgrade the APIM on my 2017 F-250? Would rather pay someone who has experience than risk bricking.

From experience, the risk of bricking the APIM in your 2017 F-250 (provided it is the original APIM) is quite low. Using the reformat option to upgrade to the latest Sync 3.4.21194 and NA 2.20 maps (provided you have NAV) will take about 28 minutes once the usb is inserted. You could run the APIM Interrogator Tool on the Syn3 Updater Troubleshooting tab to see the information about your APIM.


hey chief, can you help me with latest forscan test version? i guess is 20210808. i need to update to latest firmware and version 20200920 doesnt seem to do the trick. thx mate, super job you are doing here

See your PM…

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Finally got around to getting the PAM firmware updated on my '13 NA C-Max. Latest 2.4.4 beta of Forscan that was just released with an OBDLink EX. Knock on wood it seems like it went fine. Did a dry run which succeeded. Told it NOT to program unchanged firmware which still left me with all but one firmware block to update (Sorry, I didn’t get screenshots of this process) which looks like it was successful. Went back in and verified it saw everything as up to date and cleared all DTCs. I did get a couple DTCs on the PAM initially:

Code: B1B46 - Right Rear Inner Sensor
Code: U2101 - Control Module Configuration Incompatible

Cleared again and it only had one code which unfortunately I didn’t get but simply mentioned an intermittent DTC. The others above disappeared and no other modules report any DTCs at this time.

Leaving the vehicle parked and dormant overnight and plan to take it out tomorrow and check on things.

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That’s great, good to hear you got it sorted. Looks like you should be fine, no other DTC’s so that’s good, everyone is happy on the buss.

Well, the U2101 code returned on the PAM and repeated clears doesn’t seem to help. However my parking sensors all around still work and without being able to FULLY test the parallel park function, I was able to at least get it to see an open spot going slow through my neighborhood and the on screen graphics during the initial parking spot check are accurate with no errors thrown.

Looking into it further, it also appears I do not have an AsBuilt option in ForScan for the PAM. If I understand correctly, this may be an expected thing on some Focus model years? Which makes sense given the C-Max shares a lot with that platform including the Central Configuration programming.

I’m going to try and make an effort to find a spot that I can do a proper test of the parallel park system. Unfortunately in my neck of the woods that usually means making a trek all the way downtown in busy traffic.

This is true. @Louage may have some insight on this and the DTC.

Have 16 focus NA w/Nav using 3.4. Using ForScan, tried to update APIM with suggested files. Not surprising it was soft bricked. Tried As-Built files and still did not boot up. After researching both CyanLabs and ForScan, loaded GB5T-14G374-CB and GB5T-14G375-DA instead of 14G375-AF and 14G375-CA, and booted with no issues. Not sure why OEM files did not cure it. No matter. My question is it beneficial to update to 2017 specs with this 1st GEN APIM?? Which is apparently the best you can do with this hardware.

The original GB5T-14G374-AF from Ford has an issue with reloading as it has a bad address issue. The files you loaded will work fine. If you want to try to update to 2017 specs, these are the files you will need highlighted below. I don’t have HB5T-14G375-DA, but you can use HB5T-14G375-FA for a Telenav NAV system. (Telenav is everyone but ROW, they are NNG)

3.0 APIM Navigation Unit Firmware (Production Release 2017-2018)
(Originally Found On 2017/Some 2018 - Units That Ship with 2 USB Ports on Back)
HB5T-14G375-CA or HB5T-14G375-DA or HB5T-14G375-FA

3.0 APIM Navigation Unit Firmware (Production Release 2016)
GB5T-14G375-CA or GB5T-14G375-DA or GB5T-14G375-FA

You may need this for recovery if it does not work.
APIM Firmware Flash Rescue Gen 1 (G-2016).txt (1.3 KB)

Thanks F150chief for info on the bad address issue and files. Will try these and see differences, if any.

Can I, or should I, use the HB5T-14G379-BA illumination file in a 2016 APIM? No one has mentioned that. Maybe makes no difference

Hi guys.
Tryed update my calibrations with OBDlink EX on 2017 Ford Fusion APIM (hs7t-14g370-gce, part number gb5t-14g374-cb, 32GB, USA, NAV) but he is bricked.
FORScan see APIM, Test Run SBL is working, but i have black screen.
But I’m dumb, and did not take screenshots of the files that were in APIM before the update. Can someone please help?
FORScan uploaded strategy GB5T-14G374-CB succesfully, but when uploading strategy GB5T-14G375-CA i have “Operation failed, retrying…” and Loading firmware failed.
I can provide the VIN number of the car, Sync 3 was installed here from the factory.

GB5T-14G375-CA it is apim 8GB/16GB ROW without NAV