Updating APIM Firmware (Calibration Files)

I’m not sure how many times it needs to be said… No one has tried the Bluetooth option as it is inherently dangerous so nobody has done it. The guide tells you what you’re asking - OBDLink ex.

We’re not being remotely rude, you are being obstinate to justify to yourself the purchase of the wrong adapter.

Further to Louage’s comments, Bluetooth is extremely slow compared to RAW USB.

This… and that’s why I’m asking. No one tried it but it’s dangerous… Any evidence for this statement? Any evidence that someone bricked their module with MX+ ? Or no one tried it? I did find nothing. Hard to believe there is no adventurer in the world who would try this :slight_smile: No need for offence, just a discussion. I’m not justify anything, I will simply return it, that’s not a problem but on their site there is nothing about you can’t program with MX+. They says basically it’s the best adapter for professionals and support programming… The guide also recommend Viaken which is 2x cheaper so I wonder if EX is better.

@CyanLabs, this is an argument. If it’s much slower than it’s a reason to not buy it. The more time needed for flash the bigger change something screw up. Still I wonder where is the 150$ price tag for MX+ if you can’t do this.

Read slowly: Nobody… Has… Tried… It… As… It… Is… Inherently… Dangerous.

Bluetooth is not designed to write large amounts of data reliably and quickly. USB interfaces are far more reliable. Interruption of this process will brick your unit. Even if it works fine, it won’t be recommended as this is just survivorship bias.

Full information is available here on the differences, as you’ll see the latency is 10x slower using the mx+, and max transfer rate isn’t even measured:


We do not have the answers to these questions as it is pointless to risk the module, either trust the collective experience or stop posting. You won’t get a different response.

As a final note, I’ve just seen that Forscan specifically DOES NOT recommend using your adapter on that link for programming. The SX, EX, ELS27 and viaken adapters are the only ones recommended.

Guys, just to confirm (I tried to read all the posts above). Current status for the radio logos is:

  • beta Forscan 2.4.1 no longer available even for testers
  • UCDS is no longer available - as a result no update of APIM through Forscan beta is possible…

Is there any workaround for it?

I guess there isn’t really… A new version of forscan with stable firmware updates has been promised for some time.

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Hat schon jemand was gehört das es eine neue Test Version von Forscan gibt,
weil im Forum von Forscan schon anfragen sind.

The latest version is 2.3.34.
FORScan Downloads

If you are referring to a 2.4 version, there is no official release at this time that I am aware. I read that forum also and have not seen any news of the sort.

FYI - This was resolved.

Ja ich meinte schon die 2.4.xx,
ja ok warten wir mal ab
Danke Trozdem

For those that have H series APIMS. You can upgrade to either 3.3 or 3.4. Know what you are doing. I am not responsible if you brick your unit. Listed below is North America with NAV.
APIM Firmware

Anyone have any update on the status of the FORScan beta update? I see It’s recommend to use the OBDLink EX but would my Ford VCMII work properly?

Well, there’s a new release, see below.

I don’t know if the Ford VCMII will work properly, but maybe read this tutorial.

Thank you for the update! Ill give that a read thank you.

You have great timing, Forscan 2.4.1 is available as of today Download FORScan

A few caveats, it requires a specific adapter (including OBDLink EX) and a paid for extended license (£4 a year)

I noticed that Microsoft Edge will block the download. This has come up before, just tell it to keep the file anyways.

Do you know if my Ford VCMII would work, or anywhere that would tell me? I work for ford and I use this adaptor every day for anything that requires a scantool IDS or FDRS I would assume is has all the necessary software and hardware to work. I use it with FORScan all the time. Not sure if the OBDLink ex has anything extra specifically for these purposes of programming the calibration files for the apim.

Thank you!

I do not see the VCMII listed on the release. However, the OBDLink EX is not expensive and was developed in cooperation with FORScan. I know it works well.

You could email the development team at FORScan : [email protected]

Support page: Contact Us

From the notes:
Note: if you don’t have a J2534, ELS27, OBDLink EX, OBDLink MX+ adapter then firmware writing capability won’t be available for your adapter.

Can’t you use your ford IDS tools at work to update the calibration?