Updating tcu from 3g to 4g

I got an tcu from a 2020 explorer to fit in my 2017 MKX got it set factory settings and when I go and update the tcu the Ecu configuration # 2 can,f16b has a red dot at the end as if it’s not reading and or to be found it will not allow me to update it

You can’t use an L series TCU in a 2017 MKX. It requires an HS4 CAN and you do not have this. You can add it but then you will have to change the GWM to an L series to get it to work. The problem with changing the GWM to an L series is it will effect all other Modules.

So to put it bluntly you can’t use that TCU. You need a J or K series TCU. Honestly, I am surprised you even saw the TCU on your HS3 Network.

Thank you I’ll have to try another one

Search for “mkx tcu” here on the site. There are a few relevant threads.

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