Upgrading Cluster

I’m looking at p/n: LL3T-10849-CNC and currently installed is JL3T-10849-BVE. Will there be an issue going to the LL3T?

I should be able to just backup my current IPC .abt and then load to the newer IPC (enable or disable features I have or don’t have). Plus change the mileage to reflect (mine is higher) current mileage. Would there be anything else I would have to do in FORScan?

You need to contact @Livnitup. He is quite conversant on F-Series clusters.

You’ll be fine going to the LL3T (2020) from your 2018 but the 2020 has additional asbuilt addresses that your saved 2018 IPC.abt file won’t have so FORScan will most likely give you an error trying to load the .abt into the 2020 cluster so you’ll have to do it manually.

How hard would it be to swap the gauge faces?

You can’t swap the single gauge overlay that’s on a 4" screen cluster (BVE) to an 8" screen cluster that has two gauge faces. If you mean changing the gauge faces on the 8" cluster to something else then you’ll need to remove the needles to do it and getting the needles set correctly on their marks after the swap may be take multiple tries and patience.

For the 8" cluster, I would suggest taking a look at the gauge faces from US Speedo. These are easy to swap and are quality gauge faces with good light transparancy. Some of the gauge faces sold on eBay and the like look good but have terrible light transmittance through the face, and always appear dark.

Of course @Livnitup can sell you some modified faces also. (Right?)

Stealth Edition Custom Gauge Face for 2015-2019 Ford F150 Gas - US Speedo - Everything Speedometer

This is the US Speedo Stealth on my 2015 F-150 Platinum.


The cluster I was offered (from Canada) the speedometer face portion is in km/h and want to know how hard it would to be able just to swap.

Is the kph to mph just asbuilt or is that a bin file?

The face will easily swap, but wait on his reply for the conversion.

When I convert a km/h cluster to mph I write a complete U.S. mph eeprom image to it as well as swapping the speedo gauge face. You can probably just swap the gauge face and choose mph in the cluster menu and a 2020 should remember your choice on key start but the speedo needle may not accurately sweep the swapped mph gauge face perfectly. Earlier year clusters would revert to kilometers & km/h on every key start so the mph eeprom image would prevent this and guarantee the correct needle sweeping.

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This is why I asked. I remember this from previous conversations…


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