USB hub part numbers for Explorer

I did a eBay Sync 3 upgrade for my 2016 Explorer XLT, and am having intermittent CarPlay disconnect issues from the front console USB hub. I want to get the Ford OEM part, but am having issues finding the Sync 3 hub part number, since searching for the 2016 will give me the original Sync 2. It is the 2 USB port pass through model, where there is another port in the rear part of the console. Connectors on the back when I installed it were power and 2 USB connections…one to the APIM and the other to the other hub. Not having any connection issues with the original hub in the rear console. Any assistance on the Ford part number would be greatly appreciated. Also, thanks for the site and the upgrade program…it is awesome.

The part specified by Ford for the Explorer with Sync 3 is HC3Z-19A387-B. (BLUE BACKLIGHTING) (Wide 2 USB-A Port). The engineering tag number HC3T-14F014-BC will be found on the unit.

HC3Z-19A387-E is the current revision of this part.

Since you are upgrading from Sync 2 to Sync 3, you will probably also need a power adapter harness. These are available eBay, Amazon, etc. Below is an example. Pay attention to the larger multi-pin connector that presently connects to the hub in you vehicle now. Fit for Ford SYNC 2 to SYNC 3 USB Media Hub Power Harness Adapter Apple Carplay (GEN 1) SYNC 3 Retrofit USB Hub Wiring Adapter: MP3 Players & Accessories

By the way…the front hub is a 2 port USB-A configuration, but this is not truly a USB pass thru, rather just power for the rear ports. Sync does not connect the rear ports.

Be very careful about buying the media hubs on eBay, Amazon, etc. There are a lot of fakes or remanufactured units in the market. By the OEM unit from a real Ford dealer. Lakeland Ford, Varsity Ford, Tasca, etc., are reputable.