Warranty, Sync modification

Hello, new to this forum, if someone can answer a question, I have 5 years of guarantee left, I have updated to Sync version 3.4, would I lose the guarantee?
If I lose the warranty, is there a possibility of downgrading the Sync version to an official one?
Thank you very much for your help.

You have a 2019 vehicle, so the chances of losing your warranty by updating are slim, in my opinion. This is really up to how the dealer views this, but from my experience, most will not care. This is really a question of if the Sync APIM has an issue and needs to be replaced. The later units, MY18.5 and up, have proven to be rather decent as far as reliability. A lot of failure stories really have more to do with failures of modifications rather than the unit itself. If you needed to, you can find a replacement APIM, with NAV, for under $500 US on EBay, etc.

You can downgrade your unit back to Sync 3.2, but not to 3.0. Being a 2019 vehicle, the original build for your vehicle is most likely Sync 3.3. Just load the apps and appropriate voice file, just as you would an upgrade.

My experience with this issue is that the dealers won’t really notice unless its a big jump in updates when you go to trade in the car, say going from 3.3 to 3.4 20282.
It’s only an issue if you mess up the apim during your upgrade cause it WON’T be covered if you go back to a dealer, i asked.

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I went into the dealer with my 3.4 unit for warranty and they didn’t care.

Thank you very much for your attention