Waze question (not a Sync3 issue) - OT

As I indicate in the subject, this is not a Sync3 issue so I hope it’s okay to post here. It occurs when using Sync, so how about that ? :grinning:

With Waze running, anytime you encounter another Wazer, it gives a (stupid) notification where it kinda glitters a nearby car on-screen and makes a sound like something from Peter Pan or Tinkerbell. How do you disable that stupid sound ? It actually turns down the volume of whatever audio is playing as well. I’ve poked through the settings and don’t see anything specific to this - I could have missed it. It looks like most notification options in Waze are almost all or nothing. Everything is enabled or everything isn’t.

iPhone/Carplay, Waze should be pretty up-to-date (certainly not major versions behind)

It’s a setting in the actual Waze app. Not the car.

@hallstevenson, I thought you used Rand McNally maps and not these fancy crowd sourced directions?

:rofl: The majority of time I use Waze is for traffic and, uhhhh, receiving information about where our fine law enforcement friends are so I know to give them a wave !

On Christmas day, we drove the Fusion (35 mpg vs my G35 that gets 23 mpg on the highway) to my parent’s (where I grew up too) and turned on Waze. My wife gave me s*** about it, reminding me I’ve driven there thousands of times. In all seriousness though, I don’t input a destination.

By the way, I found a setting under General, Display for “Show other Wazers” that I’ve disabled. I haven’t tested it to see if it is the setting I needed to change though but I’m pretty sure it will be it.

I didn’t know Waze did that. I have that option ENABLED in Android, and I’ve never heard a notification or sound by being close to another Wazer.

I doubt it’s a Waze thing for iPhones only but if it doesn’t do it on Android, you’re lucky ! It wouldn’t bother me if it didn’t lower the volume of whatever other audio was playing either.

Now you’ve got me thinking this setting won’t solve this (turn off the sound).