Welcome to one of my nights at work

A few examples of a quiet week at work for me

looks like you hit “Submit” before 2 of those images uploaded

I thought something strange was happening

Yeah, Mercedes Bendz just like any other car…

People should really learn to drive :rofl:

Worse than that, CLA45, nob wiped out a Toyota pickup and a lampost and a tree. I found ‘balloons’ in the wreck, i’m guessing they were inhaling canisters, all occupants walked away, unfortunately.

Typical. Sounds like a Houston, Texas party, or any big US city. Too bad it didn’t happen in a Corolla…

It’s times like this that i like living in a rural area :laughing:

Dang! I don’t see any spare parts for us anywhere.

They get their share of RTA’s although rural would normally be a police seizure

I’m waiting for a write off Mountune RS to cannibalize

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You bet! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What tires are those? Surely summer only.

Winter tyres aren’t a thing over here really, I’m guessing all year tyres

Sometimes winter tyres should be a thing in the UK but the majority of people don’t bother changing

You can’t blame them with british weather the way it is, we get heat waves in december and snow in may. We dont have any snow season the way we used to.

Yeah thats true, i’ve never changed my tyres for winter/summer either, although driving my remapped focus st was interesting a few years ago :laughing: