Welcome to our community, Come say HI!

I noticed no one uses the Lounge so lets use this topic to say HI!

Welcome to everyone!

# We have 3.5k members
(although some of these are migrated old accounts from before the forum existed)
I have pruned all migrated user, we are at just over 3K members!

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Congratulations on your 3.5K members, hello to each and every one of you and thanks for being here to help us cyanlabs

I bumped into cyanlabs while looking for updated maps for my Focus RS and again while i was having problems with FordPass, what a pile of crap that is!

I’m patiently waiting for the latest U.K. map updates and any new software available.

I lurk around here at nights because I’m a night worker, i drive a vehicle recovery truck, lets hope i never get to meet any of you personally.

Regards, Steve

Hello From Oregon in the US. Cyanlabs has become the go to for all Sync and Forscan questions it would seem. I also lurk around on here at night trying to absorb everything I can.

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Welcome Steve,

We have definitely evolved from just updating to sync to everything ford related. The growth and popularity is mad.

I’m also waiting on these updated maps to be publicly available :wink:

Cheers, Scott

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I agree, like I said above what was just s simple sync guide has become much much more


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Hello all!

I’m from Argentina, and I got here because I saw some new method for upgrading from 3.0 to 3.4 on a local forum. I’m not sure why I started interacting on discord and the forums, and since I can speak 2 languages I also offered help translating Syn3updater into Spanish, also tried the beta and alpha versions of the app.

And the most ironic thing is that I’m still running Sync3 3.0!!!, hehehe.

But I really liked the project and wanted to support it somehow.

:laughing: i’m quite out dated still also but atleast i’m not on 3.0. upgrade already! :laughing:

Yeah then i made you mod and now i can’t get rid of ya :upside_down_face:

Hello from Texas, USA. I am originally from Southern California and transplanted to Texas thanks to 11 years of military service, years of living around Washington, DC, and Virginia, and finally landing just north of Houston, TX to work for Fox Sports, which later became Disney. I actually started messing with Sync (or the equivalent) in a 2010 Taurus SHO and have gotten more involved as the years, and cars, went on. I’ve been involved in various other projects like the initial TCU retrofits for FordPass, APIM/ACM retrofits for Sirius 360, etc., that are now common on the web.

I’m not on Sync 3.0…but I also lurk around on here at night trying to absorb everything I can.

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I would explain how i got involved in this project and everything but honestly i don’t know, i wrote a simple guide that blew up, then decided people were still asking dumb questions and made Syn3 Updater (well technically FordSyncDownloader) and then made this community to have a place to discuss the more technical side of Ford modules etc :slight_smile:

I’m not really much of a car person but i love tech so the tech side of modern cars fascinates me :slight_smile:

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