What are the advantages of Calibration updates?

What are the advantages of upgrading the Calibration firmware on my APIM to a more current one?

I have a 2017 Lincoln MKZ which was build in mid 2016. My APIM is currently HP5T-14G371-CAG part number and Calibration. I did manage to get calm screen working after recovering from a soft brick with the exact same hardware configuration file but the other files were changed.

Is it possible that a later configuration file make it run worse as the hardware is from 2016? Should I just don’t fix what isn’t broken? I ask on this site as it will go unanswered on forscan’s channel.

The only known improvement is now calm screen. Radio logos are enabled in the newest app updates, in 2019 calibration update was needed.

There may be other vehicle specific quality improvements, but nothing notable.


Thanks for the response. It seems that they updated the old calibration level as my calm screen worked after flashing it with the same config. As I noted above, the files within that the same calibration level are mostly different than my original files.

I will not bother with it as it is a bit scary flashing large F/W files.

There are no additional features, etc., for this APIM from updating the firmware, other than the calm screen as @Louage points out.

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thank you