What do you want to see from CyanLabs (Guides, FAQ's etc)

What guide do you want CyanLabs to make next? Is there anything relating to SYNC 3 that could be explained better?

Here is your chance to leave your feedback on what you want changed, constructive criticism and suggestions only.

Any hate or abuse will not be tolerated :slight_smile:

Para problemas frecuentes seria bueno elaborara guĂ­as o instructivos paso a paso; muchas gracias por sus servicios

For frequent problems it would be good to develop guides or instructions step by step; thank you very much for your services

Yes of course, but lets be specific…

See people are quick to complain that we don’t have X Y Z guide but when i ask what people want, no one replies… the internet is a wonderful place :wink:

I think an FAQ would help.

Most newbies are confused and slightly scared about updating the Sync3 firmware… FAQ should help them identify whether their car model has Navigation (and whether they could use full maps or cut-down version).

Syn3Updater already does a wonderful job of preparing USB drive required for the upgrade but the first time users need to relax and let the upgrade run its course - ignore some prompts to remove the USB stick in between.

Thanks, we have a FAQ, SYNC 3 FAQ's And Common Issues - CyanLabs perhaps it can be more apparent though

Perhaps something people don’t know is this isn’t a large company, CyanLabs is me and the help of moderators on the forum. all the backend coding is done by me (and occasionally my good friend @jiminald), all the UI is done by me, all the intergration of everything, Syn3 Updater and more is done by me

Basically, 99% of it is done by me!

@F150Chief manages most of the AsBuilt DB’s and ofcourse @SaNdMaN and others moderate the forum.

I am learning as i go and welcome any suggestions, but people telling me things like
“you should reply to your email more often”
“i want this… but i don’t want to do it”
“i demand to speak to an american”
etc are just making me less interesting in helping the community unfortunately

If there are some actual “stumbling points” then let me know so i can fix them :slight_smile:

I think what would be useful is a sticky post at the top of the guide section that lists the available guides and opens the guide when clicked on. This would give users a quick way to see if there is a guide available for their issue.

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Not a bad idea, there’s already a Guides category → Guides - CyanLabs Official Community
It’s a bit “hidden”, under the Ford major category.

Noted, thanks

I would first like to thank you guys for all the work you put in. I have found myself looking for the Donate option which I think should be easily and readily accessible. Might be a small community but we know this takes a lot of time and knowledge. On that note maybe a step-by-step tutorial on how to add Nav on a Non Nav vehicle.

Donate option is pretty easy to spot on the website but not so much on the forum,

Basically, change a couple asbuilt values in the SYNC 3 APIM via ForScan and then install cutdown maps to ensure it fits on the smaller storage APIM, a guide could be written but personally i’d rather not due to the issues that can occur should people put too much data on the APIM etc.

When I got interested in learning about the APIMs I wanted to build the benchtop using Bluepill. I got all the help I needed right here. Then I had a ton of questions about APIMs, calibration files, app files, etc… F150Chief essentially walked me step by step. I looked for the Donate option but was only able to sub for the year. I also wanted to do a one-time donation and put in my own amount, aside from my subscription. I think the work you do here is amazing and would hate to see you lose interest.

It’s right here :slight_smile:

lol… Thanks again…