13 F150 Sync 3, missing climate dial on screen and adding turning guides for parking camera

Good evening, I have a 2013 F-150 that I have swapped in an Sync 3 out of a 16 F-150 and have updated to Sync 3.4.20136, w/Nav 1.19 (upgrading to 3.4.21194/Nav 2.20 soon). I have gotten most things working on the APIM. A couple things that I want to fix for the truck is to get the on screen rotary display working for when adjusting the temperature (I can see it adjust at the top of the screen when on the main screen). Another thing I was wondering if it is possible or what would need to be changed to add the turning guides to the reverse park aid camera?

If there is any more information needed about my As-built or setup of the truck, feel free to ask, I can go grab the information. I did check with the search function first, but did not find anything relating to the concern.


The first one should be a climate domain or similar setting, see my asbuilt database here:

The parking lines issue is a complicated one, it is not an apim setting. It’s a change in your bcm config (potentially involving LIN) and is model dependent, if you Google it you will get better advice than here.


I am looking at the as-built database and its pointing to 7D0-04-01: ####-##XX-#### for the climate repeater change. If I am reading the as-built data correctly, I want to make sure that the bit is set to 01? I will go down in a bit and see what the bit setting is.

I just went down and tried changing the bits in the APIM on 7D0-04-01 and it stopped the temperature from showing on the upper bar. So I have reset the code back.

If you want to take a look, here is the AsBuilt for my APIM that I ripped out today.

;Block 1
7D0-1-1 8A41 0403 22CD
7D0-1-2 028B 0844 0ABD
;Block 2
7D0-2-1 4341 0103 C426
7D0-2-2 0200 8000 005D
7D0-2-3 0005 E1
;Block 3
7D0-3-1 0000 0103 00DF
;Block 4
7D0-4-1 0100 1400 0E00
7D0-4-2 0001 DE
;Block 5
7D0-5-1 1A68 1A68 3819
7D0-5-2 A482
;Block 6
7D0-6-1 805E
;Block 7
7D0-7-1 4600 3300 0058
7D0-7-2 0000 029A 007C
7D0-7-3 0056 5692 001F
7D0-7-4 C8AA

Thanks Again

These features will depend on the model level, like Lariat or whatever. If you have automatic dual climate control, the setting will be 00 for that location. If not, see this:
NOTE - The values below refer to double bit setting: 7D0-04-01 xxxx-xx**-xxxx
For 3.2 and lower:
00: Enable Climate Control Repeater for Dual Climate Control
01: Disable Climate Control Repeater
For 3.3/3.4:
00: Enable Climate Control Repeater for Dual Climate Control
01: Disable Climate Control Repeater for Dual Climate Control
02: Enable Climate Control Repeater for Single Climate Control
03: Disable Climate Control Repeater for Single Climate Control
I do remember seeing a post in a SuperDuty Forum about CGEA 1.2 vehicles will not display the temp adjustment because of incompatibility with the CGEA 1.2 vs 1.3 programming or hardware.

The camera guidelines are a combination of settings in the APIM and PAM (Park Aid Module). Being that your APIM is programmed for only rear park aid (7D0-4-2 0001 DE), you might not have the required hardware for this option. Look for a PAM module embedded in the BCM.

Keep in mind that you have a NA Market CGEA 1.2 vehicle with CGEA 1.3 hardware retrofitted into it, so there will be some limitations. If you would like to PM me your VIN, I can research this further but will need to know the model level and options.

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