2011 Focus Electric Sync 2 --> Sync 3 Upgrade


Apologies if this is NOT the correct place to post this, so please redirect me if needed…

We have a VERY early production (Nov. 2011) 2012 Ford Focus Electric that I bought used in 2016 w/ 5k miles for a song. I really do think this car sat around the Ford Tech Center as a reference vehicle for support cases and the like 'till they sent it to auction and the Michigan dealer I purchased from picked it up and sold it to me.

The car has been a real winner. I STILL get 80 - 100 miles per charge in the summer time and have spent next to nothing on the maintenance of this car.

Ford DID upgrade the cellular telemetry unit from 2G AT&T to 3G AT&T but as we all know that cellular system has seen it’s sunset too…

I’d VERY much like to upgrade the existing Sync System to Sync 3 and as well upgrade the TCU to get this car back on FordPass.

Ok, I know that’s a HUGE ask, but I wanted to throw this out and see if anyone salutes. :slight_smile:

Any input here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much!

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F150 Chief, thanks for your prompt response!

I am “ASSUMING” that our 2012 Focus Electric is a Sync 2 equipped vehicle. The history of Sync is getting a little foggy for me. On the window sticker, the system is listed as “Sync w/ MyFordTouch”. It sticks in my mind that this indicates Sync2. Can you please confirm this for me?

As well, this is an 8" screen system. Is the head unit in and of itself different between Sync2 & Sync3, or is the only difference in the APIM that is attached to it?

As well, bear in mind that this car was a REALLY early production '12 Focus Electric. Even though the windows sticker shows an invoice date of 3/26/12, the build date on the door jam sticker shows 11/11.

I’m not sure if that matters in reference to this topic, but wanted to throw this data into the mix.

Thanks very much again for your input here!

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That is correct.

You will need a new Sync 3 screen.

I doubt that it will matter in the relation to Sync 3 vs later 2012 models.