2012 Explorer Sync3 supported APIM?

Are the Sync3 APIM modules compatible across all models or are they vehicle specific? I’ve found a used APIM out of a 2021 Mustang (including screen) that if supported I’d like to use to upgrade a 2012 Explorer.

If the APIMs are not vehicle specific, would this be a plug and play or is there anything else needed and would I just follow the guides to reload the software to basically factory reset it?

It will work in your Explorer but that will be a 2020+ APIM so you will never be able to reformat it. It is plug and play but the AS Built settings will not be the same and WILL require Forscan to make the proper adjustments so it will work. You will need to add a GPS antenna.

Personally, I would avoid a 2020+ APIM unless you know what you’re doing.

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