2013 F150 Sync 3 retrofit battery drain and a couple other issues

Before removing it, I would run the interrogator on that unit as well.

Can you tell if it is counterfeit just from the interrogator file?
Sync_VX2A103C.xml (11.0 KB)

Also, Is the APIM the main concern or are the Displays counterfeit as well? Am I likely to be OK just replacing the APIM?

I will review the file later, but no, I won’t be able to tell from the interrogator log if the unit is fake. I asked you to do that because once you get access to the sticker you will be able to double check what the sticker says and what the APIM says. There can be discrepancies between them, but they are different and expected discrepancies than the ones your previous APIM is showing.

About the screen, it does not really matter. Screens are “dummy” and just display stuff, they are peripherals… Can there be fake?, surely yes… Have we seen ones?, no… So if there are fake screens they are not causing issues for users to report…

That APIM is from an older Fusion, likely 2016.

Here is the label on the other module. Question, Is the “LPSS0815” supposed to be a serial number? I thought that was where the SN went on the stickers, in which case I got 2 with the same SN :astonished: [This is my Shocked face]

Totally fake! Pathetically fake at that! One of the worst ones I have seen.


Fake. Based on the date on the sticker if you reformatted that unit it would brick. Serial number does not agree with the model number sequence.

Well I contacted the seller and after I pointed out the APIMs were counterfeit they stopped responding (at least they haven’t for a couple days). Unfortunately, it has been more than 60 days so there is no way to leave feedback on the seller and it is beyond the eBay buyer protection window. I can’t even contact eBay about the order at all. I did write a review for item stating it was counterfeit so we’ll see if anything comes of it. Since the one in the Explorer seems to be working, I will leave it in there. I definitely need to acquire a different APIM for the F150 though. Is there any reason I can’t just pickup a used or salvage yard APIM rather than an expensive ‘retrofit’ APIM since the rest of the conversion is complete (I looked at NaviUpgrade but the $650 price for just an APIM is too steep for us right now)? I can dump the VIN and Config in with Forscan. Is there a specific preferred part number I should look for?

I grab them at wrecking yards. I have a stack of them I experiment with. Around $100 or less at a yard for one in perfect condition is what I am paying. I would look for a J or K series.

I found 2 units with NAV, 2019, for less than $200.

ku5t-14g371-cdf for sale | eBay

I found a J series from a 2018 F150 for $85 that has Nav according to the as built data for the VIN (2 in the 2nd digit of 7D0-01-02). So hopefully that’ll be suitable.

I reported the listing I purchased to eBay but they said ‘We Didn’t find the listing to be in violation of our policy.’ They also have not published my review on the listing. I don’t think eBay is going to be of any assistance and I’m just SOL on that front.

Did you pay via PayPal?

Nah, paid with credit card on eBay directly.

So you have some recourse via your credit card.

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I installed the replacement module today and the battery drain is gone. It is running a different version of Sync 3 so I’m not sure if I’ll leave it or attempt to upgrade it. I will note that when I disassembled the dash to remove the counterfeit APIM, I could hear the APIM buzzing and it was quite warm to the touch even with the truck off. ‘sleep’ battery draw is down to 36mA so battery issue should be rectified.
Oh, also the counterfeit module had a different part number on a decal on the front with JK2T-14G371-CCC and a mfg date of 27/10/18 (so I guess October 27, 2018)

I would upgrade it now instead of waiting so at least if you have problems you might have some recourse.


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