2013 F150 Sync 3 retrofit battery drain and a couple other issues

So I got a Sync 3 retrofit kit on eBay for my dad’s 2013 F150.
#1 we’ve been having some issues including battery drain. Originally, the screen was staying on, so I contacted the eBay seller and they sent me an updated as-built config to load.

7D0-01-01 AA21 0403 02AD
7D0-01-02 02A3 0204 0287
7D0-02-01 5553 0003 8005
7D0-02-02 0208 8000 0065
7D0-02-03 0005 E1
7D0-03-01 0000 0001 00DC
7D0-04-01 0100 1400 2D1E
7D0-04-02 0001 DE
7D0-05-01 1A68 1A68 3819
7D0-05-02 A482
7D0-06-01 805E
7D0-07-01 4700 3300 0059
7D0-07-02 0000 029A 007C
7D0-07-03 0056 56AE 003B
7D0-07-04 C8AA
7D0-08-01 0000 0000 00E0
7D0-08-02 0000 0000 00E1

It didn’t help so I did some searching and found the “Screen on / battery drain” FAQ and tried changing 7D0-06-01 to 815E and now the screen seems to no longer stay on, but it will still kill the battery in a few days. I tried reaching out to the seller again and they say the battery drain has nothing to do with the APIM and blamed the battery or “fuse box”. Battery tests good but there is a ~500 mA battery draw when the truck is ‘asleep’. I also read there were some “bad” APIMs but I don’t know the exact part numbers, is there a way to get the part number in software or do I need to pull the dash apart and read the label? Is there another configuration that needs to be adjusted?

#2 Sometimes the media controls on the screen do not work when the truck is turned on. typically shutting the truck off, opening a door, and restarting solves it temporarily but the issue returns later. Is this also a configuration issue? Could it be related to the above issue?

#3 When the system powers on, the volume is set seemingly randomly. It’ll be on volume 5 when you turn the truck off but jump to 13 when restarted. Then next time it will be 10 when restarted. This is more of an annoyance but I’m hoping someone has an idea what the issue might be.


SYNC Region: NA

Navigation Variant: Nav

Manufacturer Year: Unknown

Install Type: Retrofit

Old SYNC Version: 2

New SYNC Version: 3.4

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: Official Ford

Do you have a pic of the back of that APIM?

I show 7D0-06-01 815E should be 805E. As a '13 F150 is not a C1MCA vehicle. It is actually CGEA 1.2 but you would use 1.3 in this case.

Here is the ASBuilt values so you can see what your changing.

Sync 3 APIM Database - CyanLabs

Unfortunately I do not have a photo of the back of the APIM. I can try to get one with a borescope but if not, disassembling the dash is non trivial so it will be a bit before I can attempt it. Are we just looking for the part number or are we looking for other information on the sticker or specific connector layouts?

I have tried it with 7D0-06-01 as both 805E and 815E and the drain is present with both. I can try changing it back to 805E.


I am curious if what you bought is a Chinese knockoff. Seems there has been a bunch of those lately and when people go to upgrade they have problems like this. Just process of elimination. Otherwise, settings are probably going to be the issue as I doubt any wiring was changed.

Now that I think of it, Isn’t that a Sync 4 vehicle?

I’m not sure if it’s a Chinese knock off, I do remember that the label had the Ford logo cut off ( like someone took an xacto knife and cut the label around the logo). The Truck originally had Sync 2 or “My Ford Touch” with the 4 quadrant layout. I haven’t tried doing any software updates or anything on it, only configuration changes from Forscan.

Ok now I want to see the label even more. No reason to remove that label unless you’re trying to hide something.

Oh I looked at you profile that said 21. Yea my neighbor has a 13 F150 also. I upgraded his for him and than he went and ordered a 2024 F350SD.

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Ah, yea the 2013 in question is my Dad’s truck. I was able to get a borescope back in the dash and take a picture of the label. The part number is HP5T-14G371-EAG

We also pulled the “SYNC Display Module 8"” fuse and our parasitic battery drain dropped from ~650mA to ~30mA so the module is definitely at fault for the drain.

That looks like a fake sticker, you really need to question the APIM’s authenticity.
Why?, these are my points:


As Bill said:

And to me, you have.

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This is the one I purchased: SYNC 2 to SYNC 3 Upgrade Kit Fit for Ford Sync3 3.4 Carplay APIM NA222 USA STOCK | eBay

It claims to be genuine, but I trust that about as far as I could throw it. I will contact the seller but I expect them to not be helpful.

I’m not sure when you bought it, but you should look into Ebay’s customer care options as well if the seller does not accept the return…

Since you are NA based, consider contacting NaviUpgrade for sourcing proper hardware…
He’s also a forum member.

I’ve contacted the seller, I specifically chose a ‘US Seller’ incase we had issues, so we will see how it goes. I actually bought 2 kits from them when I purchased this one, but we haven’t had any issues with the kit I got for my mom’s 2014 Explorer. I’m tempted to see if I can get a snap of the sticker in on that one too, just out of curiosity. I tried googling the HP5T-14G371-EAG part number and it pretty much only returns results for upgrade kits. I searched Ford’s parts site and it returns a SYNC 3 APIM for a 2017 F150, but also lists the number as HP5Z14G371N. Is HP5T-14G371-EAG even a legitimate Ford part number?

You can double check our SYNC 3 APIM Hardware Database - CyanLabs , there are 2 listed there:

As you can see, they are not that common. If they are genuine or not, that’s a good question.
From the naming perspective, an H series APIM should not be from 2019, so unless Ford starting pushing some H series replacement units (which we are not aware of yet), that’s a sign to be suspicious.

In fact, the Ebay link I sent before it has a photo for your exact APIM as well, everything on the sticker is the same (except for the Ford logo), but the same strange font, numbers, everything is the same, even the manufacture date…

Lets see what others have to say, but I do not trust that APIM.

uhhhhhh, i just scanned the 2D code on the label and it says “.”

Yea, definitely fake.

Disclaimer, I don’t recommend people scan random/unknown 2D codes unless you know what you are doing.

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Can you create and run the interrogator log against the unit?.
If so, please share the resulting .xml file (redact the VIN from the file’s name and contents, you can open it with any text editor such as notepad).

I’ve searched for that APIM in our forum, and there are 2 hits: one is this thread, the other one is this: 2014 Escape with 2018 APIM Doesn't Save Settings .
That thread also has a picture for “your” APIM with the exact same information, but a different QR code…

It may be a replacement unit for the China market, BUT I still do not trust it…
In fact, I’m asking for the interrogator log because the one posted in the thread previously mentioned does not read that APIM model back…

So I’m curious to see what yours will return…

Yea I totally agree it’s fake. I could make a huge list telling all the clues but I don’t want them to see anything and fix them.

Also the H series APIMs are really old and a pain in the a$$.

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That’s a good idea, I will edit my previous message, just in case…

Absolutely counterfeit.

If you bought this thru EBAY or AMAZON, please report it to them so they can ban the seller. They will help you get your money back regardless of the seller’s response.

Ran the interrogator tool and the part number reported doesn’t even match the sticker.

Sync_HXAV5U73.xml (11.0 KB)

Thanks for running the interrogator, it’s not presenting itself as the other one from the other thread…
So these APIMs are Pandora Boxes…

OK, I’m also gonna yank the APIM out of my Mom’s car on Tuesday and check the label on it to see if it is also counterfeit (both were bought from the same seller, but the one in mom’s car hasn’t shown any issues, at least not yet)