2013 Ford Fusion Dynamic Leds

Last year, I bought a 2013 Ford Fusion TIT PHEV model. I am now trying to add new features, such as adaptive cruise control (CCM), adaptive headlamps (AHL), and a heated steering wheel (HSCM). While adding HSCM and CCM went fine, I’m struggling with AHL and specifically with the BCM asBuild data. The BCM ID number is DG9T 15604-ED.

My problem is that the DRL is turning on (dedicated pins) but never turning off even if I shut down the ignition. Additionally, after turning on the low beam, it starts blinking and turning off after a couple of seconds. The asBuild data is different when comparing it with CGEA 1.3 or CGEA 1.2. Maybe someone can help me with that? What is the best way to know where the low beam and DRL cfg bits are hiding in asBuild?

I have also tried comparing the asBuild of a Lincoln MKZ and other Fusion models to figure out where the Vin (from 726-15-01 up to 726-17-02) and ccm bits are hiding in the BCM.

I am using Forscan (it’s not showing the HCM module in the newest version. However, the old version (1.3) shows the HCM, and it is working fine).

Specifically what build of FORScan are you using?
The Fusion is CGEA 1.3.
Have you referenced this:
BCM (2015-2017) Database - CyanLabs

The VIN address is not as you listed, but is…

Thanks, but I’m already viewed that database and its not fits to mine BCM as built data. Also I try compare with newest fusion as built (14,15,16 and 17y. those is exactly like CGEA 1.3) but mine is odd. Here link into Asbuild compare. All BCM data (from 726-01-01 up to its end is different). Comparing two fusions with similar features, both have same engine, transmission etc. (also one have somting more features but that is not matter). I notice all ford fusion and lincoln mkz 13 years model have same odd bcm asbuild data. Sorry almost forget about forscan :smiley: using 2.52 (last one) also i try 2.46 beta. Here one more bit DRL cfg changing in 726-69-01 01-no drl 02- lowbeam … 10- dedicated drl pins. But its impossible to change if in 726-62-01 XXXX ++XX XXX ++ is 03, but if I change it into 11, 22 etc. and write it. From that moment I can change bits in 69-01 (meanwhile in asbuild database drl confg changing in 726-50-01)

Have you looked for info on 2gfusions.net?

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I am surprised you got the ACC to work considering you need the Lane control to make it work. That requires a new windshield and new mirror assy. The ACC needs to know what lane you in and uses this for that. Otherwise it won’t work.

yes i search also in 2gfusions. My fusion already have lane assist and blind spot. New windshield and mirrors requires only if car is empty (I calling that “bald” car: don’t have IPMA, SODL/SODR)

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good luck those who try retrofit 13 fusion with ford dynamic led :smiley:

Never heard of Dynamic LED. Do you mean the Ambient lighting? If so it is simple to add.

Apparently called Adaptive Headlamps in some other models as well (Funny enough, the BCM in my C-Max has this as an option along with a handful of other features that only existed in Europe/UK), but basically the headlamps can turn with the steering wheel to aim down curves better. My cousin has a newer Subaru Crosstrek with this.

Found a very good video on Youtube showcasing it: How does adaptive headlights work? (Ford Dynamic LED) - Ford Galaxy - YouTube

Lincoln MKX and Nautilus have this feature. It is a completely different system for the HCM than the regular lights.

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Here Fusion 2013 fusion BCM spredsheet I got it by comparing 2013 with 2014 BCM data and figuring out not much. So next step is do same thing with lincoln mkz and so on. Maybe someone have better idea how to figuring out which and where hiding in BCM?

My Focus also has this.

so any one can explain or give me some clues how extract information about BCM data (other method instead of comparing hunderts of similar vehicles)?

Yes the 2013 BCM’s are different than the rest. This was still a transition from the older format CD3 platform to the present CD4 platform, now discontinued. The addressing and features are different, they will not map across the versions of BCM reliably.

Yes it is odd but maybe someone can explain how at least theoretically possible figuring out about those asbuild bits? Ok I compare lot of cars and found some bits. Now I am in that stage where I need figuring out bits wich is exmp 0101, 0202 etc. and those bits is same on some vehicles and different on other and so on… Other words I want to know how someone found exmp: 726-14-01 xxxx-xxxx-x*xx is responsible for ESCL factory LOCK cfg (example from this database)? I should try search in IDS files? try log somethink? decoding somethink somehow? sneak into Ford factory and try to steal some paper from safe :D?

So after some time I give up with this. If someone search how to add Dynamic Led’s into 2013 Fusion without additional electronics you can’t solve that Low beam voltage is not constant it is pulsed ~84% signal with is enabled and 16%off without low beam frequency controll in BCM you cannot simple add Led lams (Low beam driver in BCM controlled using SPI by CPU so no any solution here only firmware) I try found out correct firmware , calibration - nothing (too much unknown parts). Solution at least 2200uF capacitor for low beams and relay for DRL turn off circuit (for my own usage I design and build my own circuit for this job without relay (I know how an I uderstanding about that)) I do not recommend use only Capacitor an relay (it works but with some issues) and more important don’t do it if you do not have idea what you are doing!!! Also I see some filters in china sellers if you dont know how to build it (solution for low beam) for drl i do not search that info

ACC doesn’t use the camera on early production models. My 2015 Ex Sport doesn’t even have a camera but has factory ACC. 2013 and I believe 2014 Fusions even if they have the camera don’t use it in conjunction with the CCM either. The CCM I used in our 2014 Fusion was from a 2013 and doesn’t have the interconnect wiring for the IPMA but the donor did have one. The CCM and camera were tied together in later models and are requisite for stuff like ACC w/ stop and go though.

Thanks, but already I figuring out that (already “decripdet” 2013 ccm asbuild- engine type, carbrand and VIN) and it have camera (ipma) and already have line assistant, blindspot, parallel parking (at least mine fusion have those features). How I said: I din’t have any issues to adding CCM into my car. But one think required for CCM is HUD (head up display), without it you get error in ccm: no connect with hud, but ccm still work without it. Also I install 2017y sccm.(left switch pack coding is 19 (2013 should be 12 (less switches)))

Yeah I was just replying to the post surprised about it working without IPMA. I have the same issue with HUD, I’m assuming there’s an as-built code that will eliminate that error but haven’t taken the time to try and figure it out yet. I have a set of SODL and SODR BLIS modules and a set of rear parking sensors to install, and I need to get the heated/cooled seat module working correctly as well (our Fusion is a hybrid S so we had almost no options, but I found a guy selling “whatever you want” from a 2013 Titanium for 50 bucks. Almost wish I had pulled the windshield/IPMA but that was a lot of work.