2013 MKZ Hybrid SYNC 3 conversion, Flank Guard comes on

I am a Ford Senior Master Technician, but I’m having an issue I cannot seem to resolve. I recently retrofitted my 2013 MKZ Hybrid with SYNC 3. I used the As-Built from a similarly equipped 20118 MKZ Hybrid. Everything is working as expected with one issue; Flank Guard keeps overlaying my screen upon startup, and randomly; especially when slowing from highway speeds. I can make it go away by touching any corner of the touchscreen. I changed the Flank Guard setting to “Disabled” in ForScan, but it makes no difference whether enabled or disabled.

SYNC Region: NA

Navigation Variant: Nav

Manufacturer Year: Unknown

Install Type: Retrofit

Old SYNC Version: 3.4.23188

New SYNC Version: 3.4.23188

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: Official Ford

Current As-Built in my APIM.

2013 Fusion and MKZ were a bit of an odd ball, Ford actually brought them in Sync with the Mondeo logic in 2014.
There’s a lot of good info over on 2gfusions.net.
Here’s the .ab from the 2014 Fusion Hybrid I used to have, to get it working I had to pull from a 2017 Hybrid because a 2018 wouldn’t work due to the changes Ford made that year.
It might give you something to work with.
APIM 09072020.abt.txt (495 Bytes)

Thank you. I will give it a try.

I just blew your As-Built into my APIM. Upon restarting, Flank Guard did not come up. However, as I changed parameters; Lincoln brand, Heated/cooled seats, Active Park Assist, etc, Flank Guard started coming back on. Undoing the changes did not fix it. Only way to keep it from coming on is your As-Built. Unsure if leaving your As-Built alone would keep it from happening… I did find As-Built for a 2017 MKZ Hybrid, but it doesn’t seem to have the same number of entries…

This is where you take baby steps to see what is kicking it on, if you’re using ForScan easy buttons, they aren’t fool proof.
The heated/cooled seats and heated wheel are pretty solid when it comes to the easy button, set that in the APIM, if all is good on restart, save the AB then go to the next change. Make sure you check that any physical buttons are still working and match what the screen does.
Active park assist and flank guard kind of go hand in hand, if you use ASBuilt explorer to look at your MFT (Sync2) factory AS Built you can get and idea of what the values were and then try to match them. The values for each MFT (Sync2) & Sync3 are here: AsBuilt Databases - CyanLabs
The number of fields in the APIM will change based off the firmware and version, what series is your APIM and what is the current calibration?

If you have a PAM module for the 2013 MKZ, you will need to disable Flank Guard in the PAM.

Turning off Parking Assistance appears to be the only way to keep Flank Guard from overlaying the screen on startup. There is only one line of As-Built in the PAM, none have anything to do with Flank Guard. I wonder if I could install and configure a BCM (integrated PAM) from a 2017 or 2018…? I don’t use Auto Park Assist much, but it’s nice to have…

Actually, looking at the parts catalog, a 2016 BCM would work and would use the same RKE Fobs… Thoughts?

Have you looked over at 2gfusions or at the thread that was quoted previously
The PAM is built into the BCM on the 2013-2020 Fusion/Mondeo/MKZ and the 2013 BCM logic isn’t the same as the 2014-2019 so you might be digging yourself a very deep rabbit hole.
Displaying on the screen isn’t a requirement for Parking Assist to work.

The problem is that there is only one line of As-Built for the PAM in my 2013. The line I need to disable Flank Guard in the PAM is not there. I found a used BCM for a 2016 on eBay (which, according to Rotunda uses the same Fob), so we’re going to go head first down that Rabbit hole. I’ll post again when I get it installed. I was unaware that Park Assist would work without visuals…

Changing a BCM is a lot more than just having a matching key fob.

I am a Ford Dealership Tech and have access to all of Ford’s Scan tools, etc. I’ll give it go…

Well you have a BCM part number change on 07/2013 and logic change.
Here’s a link from 2gfusions that has a few sample differences.

Well, it was worth a shot. I have the replacement BCM in place, but it won’t accept the VIN, and without that, none of the other modules will work as expected. I guess I either put up with the Flank Guard coming on all the time, or I don’t have Parking Assist. I can’t remember the last time I actually used that, anyway…

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