20136 Update question

When I used Ford’s Automatic updates, it updated my system to Sync 3.4 20136, but Gracenote and the maps are still earlier versions… Gracenote and maps NA 1 17. If I use the normal build process and update the system, will it update properly? Or will I have to set up a custom build?

Thank you!!

Here’s screen shots of current versions:


Welcome to the forum!.. The gracenote version will remain the same as an updated version has not been released. As for the map, that is separate update all together.

You can use the Ford Sync Downloader application to update your maps as well, but you will first have to select the “downgrade option” on the tool, do the downgrade, and then select the full install for 3.4.20136 with maps for your region.

Ok, thanks for the info! I was able to get the maps updated.