2014 F150 4” to Sync 3 3.4 Issues

Hello everyone,

I swapped my 2014 F150 4” MFT to Sync 3 3.4 Build 21265. I am having issues where my phone audio will not play over bluetooth or usb (carplay). The carplay does work and I can see my phone on the screen. Also my steering wheel volume works, but not the skip forward or backwards button. Also Forscan is recognizing it as a sync 1.1 and not letting me program all the 8 blocks on the APIM, I can only see the first 4.

I have been reading that after sync 3.0 they dropped support for the older architectures (C1MCA or CGEA 1.2).

I already tried changing the code in the ACM that supposedly fixes the audio issues but no luck. I can hear AM/FM and the radio touch “beeps/boops” over my speakers.

Is it possible to downgrade from 3.4 to 3.0?

Or do I need to find an older APIM? Also do I need to swap my ACM from something newer like a 2016 explorer?


Delete you profile in Forscan and reconnect. You have to do this when you replace or add modules. This will solve the APIM issue.

As @bill32399 stated above, rescan and save a new profile in FORScan and you will see the newer APIM. It is obvious that your asbuilt needs to be adjusted for the 2014 CGEA 1.2 vehicle. Please post your present asbuilt from the APIM.

Also, the vehicle is a 2014 F-150, what trim level and features such as NAV, SiriusXM, etc. Did you use a “kit” for the retrofit including a wiring harness adapter, etc.?

Oops I messed up bad. I didn’t realize that the APIM for the 4” (1.1) was under the plastic molding on the top of the dash. After unplugging it and plugging it into my harness everything works as it should!

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