2014 Lincoln MKX 3.4 upgrade issues (steering controls, Seats, and HVAC)

I just finished upgraded my 2014 Lincoln MKX to Sync 3.4 the APIM I got was supposed to be a Nav unit but it turns out it is not. I am sure there is some issue there but not the current problem. I used an as-built from a 2017 MKX to try to fix the issue but it didn’t help.
-Steering wheel buttons( Seek & answer not working, Volume does)
-Clock in Sync is missing. It displays --:-- and just resets to 12:00 when I mess with it.
-Seat Controls Heated and cooled ( buttons are there but they do not work)
-HVAC controls (they do not work from the sync screen)

Any Advice or Help would be appreciated

So i managed to somewhat fix the steering wheel contols and clock by using setting from an explorer. My seats are still non funtional and it doesnt display temperature on sync screen. I was going to try to update apim. Ideas?

What is the sync 3.4 version you now have?
Did you try a master reset?

Latest version. Yes did multiple resets.

Sounds like you have some AB issues, or you bought one of those Chinese garbage ones.

Yes it was an as built issue. My clocknis still messed up but i fixed my hvac. Cgea 1.2.

Try changing you Clock Master to APIM and see if that fixes the Clock issue.

I have tried 21 and 22 and 01 for 7D0-01-01 XX** . I almost think IPC is CM in the MKX? seems strange. I am also starting to wonder what the abbreviations on that value are for? C1MCA CGEA FNA

I believe you are CGEA 1.2 in a 14 MKX, Same as an Edge. Those just stand for the different types of networks Ford uses. If you have a GWM than you are CGEA 1.3

C1MCA was never used in the Edge or MKX and will most likely cause problems if you use it.

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