2015 Fiesta ST APIM upgrade to 2019 one

Hello wonderful commuinity. Joe here, Toronto Canada, My first post here.

Recently i picked up a 15 Fiesta St. well first mod was to get CP and AA since it felt so outdated.

I had original mytouch with nav with PN C1BT-14F239-CN,

Found Screen and APIM from wrecker that came of 16 Fiesta Titanium, with nav also and PN G1BT-14G370-CL, also got a GPS antenna, and usb hub from my dealer.

I sorted most of it, i think, just did update to 3.4 tonight.

Few questions.

When tried to write the old asbuilt data from the original mytouch i got message on forscan that they had different amount of blocks, so i stopped and i tried manualy to set up everyting about the same.
Strangely when i select on manual config that i have a NAV i loose the nav and vice versa, so i left the way i was.
I tried to get ST splash screen with no luck up until 3.4 update, i get it only on start not on shut down.

Now, am i ok if i flash the asbuilt from my car to this retrofited unit even tho not same amount of blocks, and then further try and code it with what i need if possible?

Also meanwhile i have found a APIM of a 05/2019 Lincoln MKC with vin 5LMCJ2D95KUL44975, i wonder if i will be able to use this one, and what i am getting more except snapiler experience maybe ?

At later date i might do retrofit a reverse camera but not sure.

Appreciate the support

MyTouch and Sync 3 are not compatible, so you will need to manually write out the new asbuilt for the replacement APIM. The best way to do this is to look for a 2016 Fiesta for sale that matches yours as far as model and features, and note the VIN. Then, go to Index - FordServiceInfo.Com (motorcraftservice.com) and enter the VIN to obtain the factory asbuilt for the 2016 Fiesta. Download the file if you want, but scroll down the page to the 7D0-xx-xx entries and copy those. This will be your basis for the settings for your vehicle. If the 2 vehicles are a close match, you could just enter all the 7D0-xx-xx data to your APIM.

The asbuilt for that APIM indicates it has NAV. The part number and firmware info:

This is actually not a newer APIM model (part number: JR3T-14G371-CHA), but it will work in your 2015 Fiesta without issue once programmed for the vehicle. It will be faster and more reliable than the older G-series APIM.

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Thanks for fast reply,

I will try use your guide and copy the blocks.

I belive i have a copy of 2017 vin of same vehicle not too sure on the spec.
If anyone can dig the info i can provide my vin and also the 2017 one, woulde be helpful.

By your words probably its not worth too much spending on new apim for same generation?
If i decide so, which MY i should look for, since you mentioned it is not a newer apim?!


The one above would work fine.

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