2015 MKZ Hybrid 4G TCU Upgrade

New here and looking for some clarity…I am in Canada with a Canadian 2015 MKZ Hybrid. I have seen on other threads that the J and K modems from the US are not interchangeable up here. Does that mean I could source an H or L series modem and it would work?
Also, why cant the US modules just be reprogrammed for the Canadian vehicles?

Im wondering if the best course of action is to just find a 2018+ Canadian MKZ to get the TCU from.

I did the upgrade from Sync 2 to Sync 3 and the APIM, does that have any affect on how the TCU gets upgraded?

Thanks in advance

You cannot use a L series TCU. Those operate on the HS4 network which you do not have. K series ones do to but you have to downgrade the firmware to a J series so it works.

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So does H just represent a module from a 2017 model year vehicle ?

In a lot of cases yes but not always. For example, when they offered to upgrade the 3G TCU’s they gave people H series ones that have 4G.

So on that topic be careful the TCU you order is not a 3G TCU which would be worthless now. I would recommend looking for one that is a J series. If you get a J series that has the WIFI Hotspot make sure to get the VIN it came from if you ever plan on using the Hotspot.

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