2015 Mustang GT Sync 3 Battery Drain

Recently installed retrofit Sync 3 unit purchased off Ebay and have been seeing ~2.5 amp battery drain while car is off.

VIN: 1FA6P8CF6F5302527

Per Ford Sync update website Sync generation shows as SYNC 2 and SYNC version as 3.7.11.

Looking at APIM Asbuilt data via FORSCAN:
7D0-01-01: 6A2A 0103 A213
7D0-01-02: 0208 0000 8064
7D0-02-01: 5553 0602 C04A
7D0-02-02: 0200 8000 005D
7D0-02-03: 0000 DC
7D0-03-01: 0000 0101 00DD
7D0-04-01: 0103 0200 00E2
7D0-04-02: 0000 DD
7D0-05-01: 1856 195A 29E7
7D0-05-02: D6B4
7D0-06-01: 805E
7D0-07-01: 1000 3300 0022
7D0-07-02: 0000 0B65 0050
&D0-07-03: 0056 566D 00FA
7D0-07-04: 4C2E
7D0-08-01: 0000 0000 00E0
7D0-08-02: 0000 0000 10F1

Not sure if there is a mistake in the programing.

When checking the Fuses pulling fuse 24 (Voltage Quality Control Module) resulted in the battery draw dropping to almost 0.

SYNC Region: NA

Navigation Variant: Nav

Manufacturer Year: Unknown

Install Type: Retrofit

Old SYNC Version: 2.91

New SYNC Version: 3.7.11

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: Official Ford

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