2016 Edge SYNC 3.4 No Audio most of the time

Hi there! :slight_smile: Here is a rundown of my issue if someone feels like helping; haven’t found this specific issue in the forums:
-2016 Edge Titanium W/Navigation & Upgraded Sony sound system. (Stock)
-Updated from SYNC 3 1.0 to 3.4.22251 through Cyanlabs about a month ago, with no issue for about a month. Also reinstalled the update yesterday and didn’t change anything.
-Audio works about 25% of the time. When it works, no issues at all. Then the audio gets progressively staticy, no matter the source, then fully cuts out. Beeps and boops work, speaker test works.
-Can’t change radio stations or receive station info in this state. All other controls work though including volume. Hard reset (battery or fuse pull) brings it back temporarily and then it cuts out soon after. Does this sound like a bad ACM? Any feedback is much appreciated!!

Could you please give details of your current sync build etc. and whether you have tried a master reset or tried to upload the latest update again with a master reset later?

Thank you for reaching out! I edited the post. :slight_smile: Yes I’ve master resetted basically every step of the way.

Ok…thanks. There are a few bugs with build 22251 apparently.

Suggest you update from that to the latest Cyanlabs version 3.4.23088 on their site now with maps 2.22.
I have now done that with no issues so far, 2017 Escape.

Ensure you do a master reset after the upload to your car. :wink:

Please keep us updated.

Thanks for the speedy reply! If it makes a difference I was on a slightly earlier build (don’t remember which one is was) before I installed 22251 yesterday? Are there a few buggy ones? Also you had the same issue that I did?

No, I didn’t really have any issues with the 22251 version. To my knowledge they are all the same.
I had just read of a few issues on this site with 22251 and updated to the latest 23088 version anyway.

If you have similar problems with the 23088 version you could possibly downgrade to a previous version through Cyanlabs.
Version 3.4.21265 is reported to be very stable.

If no joy it could possibly be related to your Sony sound system upgrade.

I’ll try both of those things and report back. :slight_smile:

Also if no luck try downloading the interrogator log file of your last update here as others here with more knowledge than me may be able to pick up an issue. :wink:

This is most likely a sign of a bad ACM or wiring. Sync would not affect the audio in this fashion.

The ACM outputs several audio signals or streams to the Sony DSP based on the function. The main audio for multimedia is either derived from the APIM (USB source) or ACM (most other sources). The IPC is used for safety and parking beeps, etc. These are then combined or routed to the specific speakers. Since you say that the audio works about 25% of the time. When it works, no issues at all. Then the audio gets progressively staticky, no matter the source, then fully cuts out. Beeps work, speaker test works. The beeps work from the IPC and the speaker test works, which is internal to the DSP.

From this description, it is likely the ACM. There are several TSB’s on this subject across the Ford vehicles matching the description, which recommend ACM replacements.

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Thanks so much for this, looks like a downgrade and another upgrade didn’t work so this makes sense. I made an appointment to a dealership my friend works at for a diagnostic next week. In your opinion should I leave it in their hands or can I just get a replacement from an auto wrecker and pop it in? I’m pretty tech savvy but at the same time if it’s going to be a lot of running around and reprogramming it’s not worth my time. I’ve already sunk quite a bit of time and energy into this issue.

I can tell you that none of it will be under any warranty, so be aware it will be your cost for a dealership to fix it. Maybe your friend can give you a break which will be good. It’s worth a try to get the unit replaced.

Okay, great info. From the forums related to this I’ve found, seems like as long as the vehicle and trim level are the same it should be a swap and good to go. Even NAV/no NAV doesn’t matter. Basically, if it matches up with the existing part # of my model should be good to go. So auto wrecker is probably the next step for me. Thanks for the feedback and please let me know if any of my info here doesn’t track.

Your info is good.

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