2016 Escape - update to?

Our son and girlfriend have a '16 Escape that’s on Sync 3 v1.xx and they want to update it to at least v2.x if not 3.0 or 3.4. How updated can it go ? From this thread, Latest Sync 3 Version for 2016 Escape Titanium - #17 by CyanLabs, it seems like they can get 3.4.x. Is that the case ?

He’s running the Interrogator Log right now and I’ll post the details in a bit.

SYNC Region: NA

Navigation Variant: Non Nav

Manufacturer Year: Pre MY20

Install Type: OEM

Old SYNC Version: 1.0

New SYNC Version: 3.4

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: Official Ford

How long does the Interrogator take ? He tried it and left it for at least 10 minutes but it never ‘completed’. It’s just grabbing file details, yeah ?

On a different, but related note, before they asked me about this, they had downloaded the v2.XX update directly from Ford that can be user-installed via USB. It never completed either including one ~45 attempt. They’ve also seen a message about a lack of memory (or storage space) and think it’s related to attempting to do the v2.XX update (more than once).

Theoretically you can take any Sync 3 APIM to the latest versions of 3.4. How well they run on that software is specific to the unit health and age, and type of NAV.

The Interrogator Utility only takes a minute or so. If it is taking longer or not completing, try another version of the file.

As far as the Sync 3 version 2.x issues, this is quite common what you have experienced. This is due to the autoinstall from Ford. If you could post the autoinstall file I can help you with the correct formatting. You could also just reformat the unit to Sync 3.4 also. If you wish to stay with Sync 3.0, you will need to fix the version 2.x installation first.

What do you suggest ? My vote is they go to v3.4.

The reformat link you gave talks about letting the s/w choose the best method but I can’t tell it the current version is 1.XX, as I recall.

With reformat the version does not matter unless the version is greater than 3.4.19101. Let the app choose, it will likely choose a straight reformat to 3.4. Any Sync 3.0 version is a straight reformat.

Success ! Update only took 6-1/2 minutes - my son called me when it was done and was not sure if it was really done since he was expecting “10-60 minutes” like the instructions mention but it was on v3.4.XXXXX and he just needed me to remind him what to do next (master reset).

They plugged in one of their Androids and got AA working. I asked about the speed and he said it’s completely fine. Not slow ('cause of the older hardware of the vehicle), in fact, he said it feels just as fast as his '22 Accord’s Android Auto.

I have a '16 Escape too with Sync 3 without Nav and it had an old version (1.0.15139) without Android auto (Apple car play) and other features.
I successfully update it to the last v.3.4.22251 and now everything works fine, stable and of course I have Android auto and navigation with it on my 8" display.
Now my old Sync3 looks more modern)

He didn’t update it to the latest version at this point. I told him to find/pick something a little older and read the release notes - look for something that refers to “stability”, etc and not something with new features (not sure there really are any for older hardware anyway). I’ll suggest he bump it up to something newer soon.

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