2016 Explorer dynamic parking lines

I did an upgrade on my Explorer from Sync 2 to Sync 3…APIM was pre-programmed by seller with the as-built based on my vehicle year,make,mOdel and VIN. Everything is fine except the parking camera lines. I recall in the sync 2 it had curving lines (associate with steering position) and an overhead vehicle outline with indication of which sensors were activated when close to an object…plus I recall yellow/red indications as your got close, then too close on backing. Is there an asbuilt settinmg somewhere that activates these functions, or was that a sync 2 APIM feature? Thanks for all you guys do.

They usually come back after a day of driving. If not, we can look at a few things for the APIM programming.

Did the upgrade a year ago…no lines…that’s what made me think APIM setting…

Do you have FORScan? or UCDS?


Please post your APIM asbuilt.

Probably the parking assist feature settings…

I have I’ve seen an option on the settings on my car to toggle them, do you have that?

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Under Settings, Driver Assist.


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That setting just turns off the beeps, like if I’m hitching a trailer…

Chief…post the whole asbuilt or just a specific module? And is that a save option from forscan? Or do I just post the .ab file?

Just the APIM. Use the “SAVE ALL” button. It will name the file for you in the newer versions.

Do you have a “Camera Settings” under Settings > Vehicle? Then select Enhanced Park Aids on and off…

I do have that setting…toggled on and off…no change. The toggle indicator does show the vehicle outline as the example of what it is…

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1FM5K8D88GGB74829_APIM_20220330_213322.abt (401 Bytes)

1FM5K8D88GGB74829_PAM_20220330_213416.abt (145 Bytes)

APIM and PAM as built files uploaded…

That’s good. The APIM is talking with the PAM and BCM properly then. I’ll take a look at the files…


Here is a revised asbuilt for the APIM. I did not see anything wrong with the PAM or APIM asbuilts specifically for the guidelines. I did make changes at 7D0G3G1010000020000 and 7D0G4G1010001000B00 to match the data to your vehicle for Bluetooth and themes for Sync 3.4. You can implement the changes if you wish.

Maybe @bill32399 might have something to say about the guideline issue with an Explorer, since he is quite conversant with these.

1FM5K8D88GGB74829_APIM_NEW.abt (401 Bytes)

I believe you have to change the settings in the PAM to Sync 3. The 2016 comes with Sync 2 so you have done a retrofit which is fine.

@Jimlat , try this…

736-03-01 xxxx xxx* xx
Accessory Protocol Interface Module (APIM)
0=SYNC 2
8=SYNC 3

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Is that in the APIM or PAM? 736-03-01 is in PAM, format xxxx xxxx xx, values are 0600 4290 19….should change to 4298?