2016 Lincoln MKC SYNC 3, Software Version 1.0 Build 15139 Navigation Maps Version 1 14

I have a 2016 Lincoln MKC that has SYNC 3. It is software Version 1.0 Build 15139 and has Navigation Maps Version 1 14. Just wanted to make sure that I could use this to update my sync and maps. I recently purchased the new USB hub for apple car play and installed it. I also did the download from the Lincoln website for SYNC but when I tried to install from the usb drive it failed every time saying Invalid or Unsigned File. (Your installation package may have corrupted, the package signature may have failed or the signature may have been revoked. Just trying to update everything with no issues. Thanks

Which version of Sync do you want to upgrade to? 3.0 or 3.4?

I just want one that will allow me to use the apple car play usb that i installed.

OK. Sync 3.0.20204 or Sync 3.4.xxxxx will do that.

Do you know which version you downloaded from the Lincoln website?

It shows the SYNC Update available 3.0.20204

It shows the SYNC Update available 3.0.20204

Unfortunately, Ford broke the installation file for early Sync 3 version 1.x vehicles for this upgrade. I have an autoinstall file that should work for you to go to Sync 3.0.20204.

Do you have a list of the files included in the upgrade you downloaded? They should include these:
3_0_20204 files
You can download these in the site IVSU Database.

This is the autoinstall file to use with these files:
autoinstall.lst (576 Bytes)

This installation will reboot and continue, so don’t remove the usb until the installation is completely thru both steps. You will get a message.

Okay thanks

This seems really confusing and Im not sure what needs to be done to update the system. Is there a package with all of this included that will download? Thanks

Just using the Syn3 Updater to go to Sync 3.4 is the simple and easy way to accomplish this. Just follow the instructions on filling out the app to determine where you are on the versions (3.0.20204) and NAV or not, and then just go to the latest version of Sync, which is 3.4.23088. Again select maps if NAV. Let the files download and be placed on the USB drive, this is all automatic. Then place the drive in the vehicle, running, and wait 28 minutes to finish. You will need to pair your phones, etc., after all this is done, but you should have CP as long as the hub is compatible.

Okay i tried this but got a red box error that stated. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error. Wondering if I selected something wrong on my current SYNC software. It is Synce3, Software Version: 1.0 Build 15139. Maps Version: NA 1 14.

Thanks for any help.

Just tried again and it downloaded just fine to the usb drive so now i can put it in my vehicle. Thanks

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