2016 Lincoln mkc

So I feel like this vehicle is totally outdated… I learned that I can’t utilize Lincoln way, android auto, I’m missing the “check for updates” button, it kicks me off of Bluetooth…and I’m not sure if it has the ability for lane control but everything I’ve read says it can, but it doesn’t have the button for it. So I have a few questions…

  1. Is there a way to fix all of that?
  2. Can you add lane control if you have blind spot detection?
  3. Can you replace sync with a different system? (Like you would a car stereo)

I am not car savvy clearly…

Can you clarify…

I can! Which part? The whole sync system is faulty I think. Or the computer for the sync system.

Did the car originally come with SYNC 3?

Yeah, but it’s 3.1

No “check for update” button either…
Is there an aftermarket I can put in?

there are many things that can be configured using our asbuilt databases and ForScan, i don’t have the specifics for a Lincoln though

Yeah… I’m at my wits end… I’m about to just try to trade it in…

Did you atleast try going to Ford and checking for an update through their website? I ran your VIN and you have an update on there for your car…

Your ASBuilt from Ford shows you do not have Lane Keeping Assist or Lane Departure. If you had it you would also have a button for it.

You do have a TCU(Telecommunications Module) according to your ASBuilt so you would be able to use the My Lincoln app except for one big problem. You have an H series TCU that was 3G and that is no longer in use. You would need this upgraded to a 4G TCU for the MyLincoln app to work.

@bill32399 is correct, if you had LKA you would have a button right on the end of the signal light arm that enables and disable it if equipped. And as stated prior you can upgrade you TCU to a 4G unit and gain back the remote start functions which were recently lost. This isnt too diffcult, if interested there is alot of info about completing this on varrious vehicles and example HERE. Ive done one on a 17 MKC and 16 MKX so should be the same as yours. Though the TCU location for you is under the center console cubby area passenger side. Connections are facing the passenger side and secured with 2 bolts also acessible from the passenger side. Pretty much directly left of where the passengers foot would be sittng if the foot where flat on the floor. FORScan will be needed to complete this but can also help you enable or disable certain features like the annoying horn honk when you exit your running vehicle can be turned off, digital speedo can be turned on if it isnt already, things like that. You can also flash firmware with paid versions of the program but you should read though the guides before performing any firmware upgrades as it isnt without any risks. An good example for you would be a IPC firmware upgrade to a 2017 MKC which would give you the larger digital speedo in the middle of your cluster. These are all quite small advancements when compared to a new Corsair but it all depends on what bothers you most a if you want to correct it (if possible) or get a new one.

If you apply that update using the FORD scripting it will likely fail due to the disc overlay used in the old Sync versions. You need to update to Sync 3 Ver 2.3 first, then to Sync 3 ver 3.0.

I have the exact same version on my 2016 Lincoln MKC. Were you able to update this? I am trying to update mine to use apple car play but everytime i try to update it on the Lincoln website and download to a usb it fails in the car.

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