2016 MKZ Black Label Hybrid 3.0 build 18093 to current

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I’m currently running a 3.0 build 18093 on a 2016 MKZ black label hybrid with nav, what do I need to download to get to the current 3.4 build with the black label enter and exit screen? When I did my upgrade from sync 2 lincoln my touch my apim came loaded with this setup and there are some bugs that drive me crazy on it. It only shows presidential on enter and exit, volume always shows at 0 level when adjusting up or down, on car play the voice prompts have no volume when using maps, waze etc. also all setting’s are turned on for voice prompts, and the equalizer is maxed for all sound settings and when adjusted they dont save. Any help would be much appreciated!


It’s a bit hard to promise good results as you currently have issues.

The issues that you are describing speak of a not so clean sync3 upgrade from sync2, I believe there should be some changes made to the as-built to accommodate to sync3 from Sync2.

Maybe it would be best for you to troubleshoot those first, wait for other members to jump in.

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I’m open to whatever I need to do to correct the issues as its annoying more than anything. I had purchased a kit from one of the MKZ forum member’s I’m part of when he sold his MKZ. I just assumed it had something to do with it not being programmed to my vin etc. But all of the other features work without flaw including the self park with I hear is almost a crap shoot? I was hoping there was a usb download I could do to correct it or I’d even be willing to pay for someone to correct it thru forscan etc. for me.

There is no magic download that will fix the issues you have with the unit, but they are most likely all correctable with the proper programming of the asbuilt, as @SaNdMaN stated above.

Since you have a hybrid there are a few things specifically that need to be adjusted on the APIM. Upgrading to Sync 3.4 will not fix the issues without the asbuilt programming.

You will need FORScan and a recommended OBD adapter to correct the issues with the unit. FORScan is free, the adapter is about $50 US. We can assist you with the changes needed. Please note that if there is an issue with the unit itself, that is a separate issue. But from what you describe this looks as just an asbuilt issue.

That would be awesome. What’s the recommended cable and can I use a Mac with the forscan programming?

You cannot use a MAC natively, but you can use one with a Windows 10 VM.
The recommended cable is the OBDLink EX.

FORScan Tutorial Links - FORScan - Docs - CyanLabs Official Community

Cable should be here this week at some point. Can’t wait to get it all squared away and running correctly

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Where do I need to go to get started link ex came yesterday

Getting Your OBDLink EX Ready for FORScan - YouTube this seems relevant and just released by @NaviUpgrade

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See your PM…

Make sure your adapter is updated.
Download and install the FORScan app.


Did you make any progress on this?

Not yet. I received the cable and went to upload the for scan update on my work laptop but it’s a corporate computer and won’t let me, so now I’m trying to free up space on my MacBook Air to use it on a windows vm if that makes sense.

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Do you have:
Smart DSP (Sony)?
External CD?
Travel Link?

Nav and single cd, do t think I have sirrus travel link, if I do I have never used it and I’m not sure about the dsp.

You most likely don’t have a DSP since the volume control acts the way it does.
See your PM…

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