2017 Ford F150 - No connection with OBD

Hi I need some help with my veichle.
My obd plug dosent work, I can connect MS but not HS can with forscan.
Tried with cheap obd and can connect to some of the modules but not all.
I have deleted all profiles and tried different settings in Forscar without luck. (Also Auto )

I have an OBDlink EX and that will not connect at all…

Is there any fuse or something that might be blown to check.

The OBDLink EX gets a geen light…

Check that its not an extension OBD for security purposes.

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Yea its not an extension

Are you using the most up to date version of ForScan?


What version of Forscan? Have you done any wiring on the truck?

FORScan for Windows v2.3.56 paid license.
No wiring has been done.

How do you know? Many are designed to blend in

What do you mean?

There havent been anything done other than the OEM…

Could it be the smartlink data convertor that failed ?

Or do you have another OBDII device on the line. Many tracking devices & Insurance devices plug in and will mess with the CanBus connection.

Nope its just OEM from the dealer.

I have also tried with a new smart data link converter to see if that was the issue, but still no change…

Just seems like a wiring issue in the vehicle or a software issue in the PC. Without physically being there not sure how much help anyone will be.

The pc is working fine on other veichles thats whats wierd.
Do you know if there is specific wires to check ? All fuses are checked also.

Have you updated the OBDlink EX? It should be on the latest firmware and the drivers installed.

ScanTool OBDLink EX Firmware Notice - Ver. 5.8.1 Available - Ford / Information - CyanLabs Official Community

Yeah so it turns out to be an issue with usb 3.1 port.
I tried trough usb c to usb port with an adapter…
But when i tried a regular port it worked out…

Do you by anychances know where to download the software to do firmware updates on the vehicle…?

Which modules would you like to update? Most will not necessarily need any kind of updates unless you received a notice from Ford. However, you can update most of the modules with FORScan, with the exception of the PCM and TCCM.

For the APIM updates:
APIM Firmware Production Releases - Ford / Information - CyanLabs Official Community

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