2017 ford Galaxy

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick question, as I cant seem to find the answer anywhere on the forum, my sync version is
3.0.20204, with Nav, will this update ok, or am I likely to have issues as its the latest sync 3.0 version from Ford.

Thanks in advance for any help

The tool was made for updating versions of sync, or else you would be doing it through the ford website.

It should work fine. Just choose the right options, with NAV.

Thank you the information, also is reformat the best mode to use.


Let the app decide what’s best based on what you want, but with map installation a format is required. But what I mean is leave the option in “AUTODETECT”, do not force anything unless you know what you are doing.

That’s great, Thanks for your help.

Ive done the update everything seems to go okay, but I had this message.
after everything had finished the green screen said update successful please remove the USB, this message came up after the reboot

Please, give information, we are not by your side and not sure what you did.

I would assume you went to 3.4.xxxx and F9 maps, right?.

Is the car running 3.4 and F9 maps now?
Did you perform a master reset as per instructions?

If you go into the about section and sync version and maps are ok, perform a master reset.

Make sure again that there are no other usb or devices connected the car

Sorry, I didn’t explain very well, yes I’m on 3.4 and F9 maps now, the green screen came up saying install was successful, I removed the USB, then it did its reboot, the message came up before I had chance to do a master reset, I clicked on close, then did the master reset, as far as I can tell everything seems okay, I have the radio station logo’s etc, and all the menus work Inc CarPlay, just wondering if that message is something that happens a lot and is it anything to worry about, also wondering if I need to reinstall, or just insert the USB, as it’s saying in the message, or to just leave as is.

If it is not broken, no need to fix it.
If you performed a master reset and everything is working, then you are done :wink:

And back to your question, yes, you could reinstall everything from scratch again.
But, what’s the point if you do not find issues with it?.
To be honest, that message appearing is not common, I do not recall other users mentioning it. But since you had a previous Ford update that didn’t go through either, I wonder if those are related…

But bottom line is that you are already on 3.4 and F9 maps, so I’d say you just use it like it’s now and enjoy it.

What build did you install?, the latest one?

Okay thank you for the information, I installed 3.4.20351, from the updater menu is that the latest version

That is exactly it, a failed update will set a flag in the APIM that can only be cleared by a successful update. Reformat does not clear this and does not count as a successful update. The solution to clear the message is to install any update. You can ‘downgrade’ to 3.4.20282, then update back to 3.4.20351 and it will clear.

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That is the latest version.

Okay, I might do that, thanks again for you help.

Thanks for the info.

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