2017 MKZ hybrid 4g TCU upgrade

How can the asbuilt for OP’s vehicle be correct in stating it has a 4G TCU if none of the 2017 MKZ Hybrids have 4G TCUs? :exploding_head:

Sorry, I just read that again and that is not right. The OP’s car came with an H-series TCU. It could be 3G or 4G depending on the model of the vehicle. I was stating originally in the thread that the vehicle was originally equipped with a n H-series TCU. Or that was the intention. I was actually looking for verification from him that it did, or did he not know it did.

OK. Yeah I did come across one H-series TCU that appears to be the 3G hardware design. It was part number HS7T-14G087-EH.

But I’m still confused, because the part number you quoted in your 2nd post is HJ5T-14G087-UM, which from absolutely everything I have seen is the 4G TCU. In fact it’s the same hardware Ford is swapping in as part of the CSP. I’ve never seen a HJ5T-14G087 TCU that isn’t the LHJ-FAN hardware.

@Registerz3ser - have you opened up your vehicle yet to get a look at the existing TCU’s location? Whenever you do, please snap a photo of the sticker on it and post in this thread so we can wrap up this mystery.

That was where I was going with the OP…

and where I was going by asking if the asbuilt could be wrong lol. Because it is very unlikely that a 2017 MKZ Hybrid came from the factory with a HJ5T-14G087-UM TCU :smile:

Probably with a -UF that was upgraded? It is possible that this vehicle has already been upgraded thru the program, that is what I wanted to find out from the OP…

Which is why I asked about replacing the TCU…

Wondering about the build date of OP’s vehicle. According to the 2017 brochure, the MyLincoln Mobile app was being used. The 2018 MY (according to its brochure) used the new Lincoln Way app, which I assume is when they switched to the 4G modems (similar to the MyFord Mobile > FordPass transition).

According to the CSP, MKZs manufactured before September 5, 2017 have 3G modems and require a swap to 4G. Could OP’s MKZ have rolled off the line after that date? Seems improbable to me, but possible I guess? Either that or there are exceptions to the information in the CSP.

@Registerz3ser Did you own this car back in February before the 3G shutdown? If so, what app did you use to connect to it? MyLincoln Mobile or Lincoln Way?

Ford did not use FordPass/My Lincoln on the Energi versions of the Fusion and MKZ. They did not move to it until recently about a year ago.

Build Date is 1/17 . Before the shutdown I believe I was using Lincoln way app. This is the TCU that came with the car.

Screenshot 2022-11-17 224244

There was no Energi version of the MKZ. It was just regular gasoline and hybrid powertrains. So all of Lincoln’s vehicles could switch over to the new 4G/Lincoln Way platform earlier because they didn’t need the EV-specific features (go times, etc.).

Whereas the Fusion energi was still on the 3G modem/MyFord Mobile up through 2020 because FordPass had no ability to handle the EV-specific features required. Ford finally added that stuff early this year once the 3G sunset was imminent.

OK, well that settles that!

What say you, @F150Chief?

Also, you know you will need an antenna, right? I’m not sure if anyone has managed to obtain the one Ford is supplying as part of the CSP, but there are others that will work. The cheapest option is this:

It will throw a code but it’s harmless. There’s a Ford PIFA antenna you can get instead (also have to buy a cable for it) if you want to spend a bit more and avoid the DTC.

Edit: PIFA, not PIA. Derp!

The original TCU was definitely 3G, no doubt.

Did you swap the TCU before then? You were using the Lincoln Way app with this TCU? It was not designed for it. It would have been the previous app, like MyFord Mobile but the Lincoln version that I can’t remember the name of…

MyLincoln Mobile

I’m having some vague recollection of coming across something that indicated that Lincolns switched to the Lincoln Way platform even while some of its cars were outfitted with 3G modems. I’ll try to dig up wherever I found that. But it is possible since Lincoln didn’t have any EVs in its lineup. The only reason Ford left the Energis on the old platform was because FordPass didn’t have the backend code to implement the EV-specific features needed for the Energis. The Lincoln side didn’t have that obstacle.

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I have that antenna as well as the code its throwing. I would have preferred the factory antenna but I was unable to find the PN in the documentation.

That rings a bell, but since I didn’t have a Lincoln with a modem in it my brain didn’t care apparently.

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Yeah it’s a shame the retrofit antenna seems to be unobtanium. I used the PIFA antenna–got one on ebay for about $30 IIRC. But also had to buy a cable which was another $5 or so. For $10, the Bingfu works great.

Edit: oops, yes PIFA, not PIA.

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Here’s my big brain: Planar Inverted Field Array

I have a PIFA and a Bingfu on a TCU that I retrofitted into the truck. (Dual 4G ports) The PIFA works very well. The Bingfu really needs to be very close to a window to get a decent signal, unlike the PIFA. However it works ok.

Sync Connect GSM Antenna:
Ford PIFA Antenna HL3T-19K351-AA. About $55.00 on eBay.
HL3T-19K351-AA is Ford’s engineering number. The part number is HL3Z-19A390-A,
2019 Ford F-150 PIFA Antenna KT1Z-19A390-A.

You will need a cable for the PIFA, available on eBay or Amazon for about $10.00:
GIMAX GSM 3m Antenna Extension Cable FAKRA Female - Female Code D Adapter.
Bingfu Fakra Code Z Female to Female Vehicle Antenna Extension Cable 2m 6.5 feet.

Good info, and yeah I definitely screwed up the name. That’s what I get for trying to commit acronyms to memory without learning what they stand for :sweat_smile: