2017 Mondeo Sync3 3.0 F10 - still wondering should I update?

First of all, hello guys!
After seeing that this really is a devoted and helpful community, I decided to sign up.
I have read the instructions on how to do the update and everything, and all is clear.

I have a 2017 Mondeo with Titanium equipment (dual zone climate control, heated seats, drivers seat with memory, adaptive LED headlights, ambient lighting, parking sensors front and back, active city safety etc.)
It has Sync3, which I have kept up to date via Ford.co.uk site, with 3.0 (20204) with F10 maps currently.

I really like the look of the Sync3 in 3.4 guise, and wish to update mine to the latest version.

I’m just wondering, because it is a reformat type of update. Are the “abilites” of the equipment installed somehow preserved. To be specific, will I still have full climate menu on the screen (although I do have all the physical buttons for the climate), will the ambient lighting be preserved, park sensors and everything else. Will any of the now existing functions cease to exist after the update. As this update is not VIN specific.
I wouldn’t want to lose any of the functionality just because of the need for the updated looks and so.

I do suppose that information on specific vehicle and its enabled and installed equipment is saved somewhere else, but I am not so sure, so that’s why I am here.

Also, if nothing’s to be lost, I wonder is there Croatian, or any other Balkan language in those new updates, as that would be nice, but not mandatory for me to update?

Thank You.

Hello there.

General rule is that if your car has all its features from stock, then you will be ok. We only had “issues” with some features that were enabled via forscan on stock vehicles that were not ment to have them, thus changing their original configuration. But those could also later be re enabled as they initially were.

So you should be ok as long as it’s stock, factory. If not, you could maybe need to re enable whatever you enabled once the process is done.

Thank You very much for the fast response.

Everything is stock on the car, I never felt a need to add anything.
But, to be honest, I did feel Sync3 3.0 does look somewhat old-fashioned, especially so when I saw a younger Mondeo with 3.4 at the dealer last time I was there.

That is great.

I will be updating my unit sometime next week, as I am currently C+ so have to wait at least a week until all is good, hopefully.
I will report the results of the update here.

Thank You again.

Here is the list of supported languages in Sync.

ARW - Arabic
CZC - Czech
DAD - Danish
DUN - Dutch
ENA - Australian English
ENG - British English
ENI - Indian English
ENU - American English
FIF - Finnish
FRC - Canadian French
FRF - French
GED - German
ITI - Italian
KOK - Korean
MNC - Chinese Mandarin
MNT - Taiwanese Mandarin
NON - Norwegian
PLP - Polish
PTB - Brazilian Portuguese
PTP - Portuguese
RUR - Russian
SPE - Spanish
SPM - Mexican Spanish
SWS - Swedish
THT - Thai
TRT – Turkish

Thank You very much. That is good to know.
It’s interesting how only VAG, Dacia and Mazda have Slavic - Balkan languages in their ICE systems.
BMW, Toyota, Ford and many others don’t, I guess it’s not worth the additional translating for them.

Fellow Croat here :slight_smile: not often you see other people from the Balkans around. Welcome to the community :smile:

Thank you. There is no corner in the whole world, where you can’t find at least one person from balkans :slight_smile:

When these corona-tollgates are lifted, I’ll probably be going to NZ, just to up our numbers there :smiley:

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Good news!
Did the update this morning, and after 47 minutes everything went a-OK.

Did the master reset, and started enjoying much smoother look.

Everything works perfectly.

I did try virtually everything in one day hahah.

I even managed to make Ford Pass app work, which I couldn’t on 3.0 when I got the car.

I’m not sure this is purely my subjective feeling, but I’m sure something happened to audio processing as the sound is much “nicer” for the lack of appropriate wording. (Coming from a guy that has H/K sound system in his living room).

Thank You guys.

This thread can be closed now.

Will be donating tomorrow as it is much deserved.

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Awesome, glad everything is ok and you are enjoying the new version!, thanks for updating the thread.

About the sound quality you are not the first user to mention it, but it’s not a general or common comment. What’s important is that for you, it sounds better.

Take care, have a great weekend.

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