2018 Fiesta SYNC 3.0 build 20204- maps?


My 2018 Fiesta successfully updated to Sync 3.0, build 20204. But then the maps upgrade Ford offered me was just some 8GB thing that never completes (won’t gopast first key cycle request)- not the full latest(?) maps, F9.

I believe this version/build of Sync is as far as my car can go…? So, where/how can I upgrade my maps please?

You can’t update just the maps without updating the SYNC3 version

So I’m stuck then- SYNC is already updated via Ford, but I can’t get to the newest maps.


I thought it was implied, since you are on CyanLabs forums, that you can’t update only the maps, BUT you can update both maps and sync3 version with CyanLabs tool.

Not sure why the Ford’s update is not working for you…
Are you sure you do not have any other device connected to a port?

Nothing else plugged in, no. To clarify where I’m at-

Bought car (LOL)

Updated to 3.0 20204 from Ford website, uploaded xml file when done

Entered VIN again to gets maps- got an 8.something GB file that doesn’t get past first key cycle- clearly file is too small to be full maps update anyway

That’s it!

I believe the version/build of Sync is as far as my early Fiesta can go now, so was hoping just to get suitable maps file. Syn3 updater only offers versions of 3.4.

Admit I’m new to it all…! (thanks for replying, BTW)

What do you mean by “does not get past first key cycle” ?
Also, what region is the car?
Do you have the name of the resulting file?

Car is in Europe.

The maps update Ford gave me starts successfully, and then says that the first part of the update is complete and to please do a key cycle to start the second part. I do this, it starts again…and says the first part is complete, please do a key cycle to start the second part…same thing, over and over.

Ok, so there’s a stage that’s not triggering.
What kind of USB are you using? Have you tried another one?.
Post the contents of the SyncMyRide folder, and you should also have some text files in the USB’s root. Paste those contents (text) here for each file.

USB was a 32GB SanDisk- worked fine for the actual SYNC update, etc.

Sorry, I don’t have the files I downloaded anymore to give you the files etc- but here’s an interesting change I’ve just found- now Ford says that my maps are up to date when I put my VIN into the update site! Car still says 6.1 however…?

Who knows what happened…

Anyway, you can update to 3.4 and F9 maps with the tool.
If you want to remain at 3.0 or wait to see if Ford gets its stuff together, you can’t update maps alone.

Ok- so it is not correct when people say that my early 2018 Fiesta can only go as far as 3.0 20204? It can safely go to 3.3/3.4?

officially no, unofficially yes

Right, great, this is the answer I’ve been looking for- I CAN upgrade beyond where I am, without harming my car. Excellent!

Yeah, i did my 2015 focus and 2019 fiesta

That’s great to hear- thank you everyone for the help.

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A last update from me- I’ve just successfully updated to 3.4 20351 and Maps F9, taking 55 minutes exactly. Very pleased!


Great, thanks for the confirmation that everything went ok, enjoy it.
Just make sure to perform a master reset, if you haven’t done so yet.

Yup, did so straight away, as per the guide here. Thank you. Everything is great- been trying it out this PM- love the new UI and everything else. Maps saw some local road changes that the previous version didn’t, so I was pleased with that too.

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