2019 F150 Raptor Sync Upgrade - Question


I am using the latest software to upgrade a friends 2019 F150 Raptor, going from Sync 3 v2.3 to the latest version.

On the software i set the install type to Auto and it mentions that it will brick 2020 models.

I have seen the AutoInstall option or FORMAT option with the install type settings. What is the difference? Can i use the AutoInstall on the 2019.

I have succesfully done this on my 2020 F150 Platinum late last year but i don’t recall an install option on the old software so don’t know what it used.


Since this is an 2019 F-150 with Sync 3 version 2.3, it is safe to use the reformat option or autoinstall option. The reformat is needed to install maps and convert from Sync 3 version 2.x to Sync 3 versions 3.2 and up. (Do not install maps on a NON-NAV APIM.) Autoinstall option is for updates and the like, not converting to the newer software (3.2+).

You will want to use the reformat option in this case. The Syn3 Updater should automatically choose this for you.

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