2019 ford flex limited updates

So i habe sync 3.0 v 18093 and just updated to sync 3.4 23088. I can change the clock but it reset back to what it was. I tried to reset clock to gps and it says gps not available at this time.
The map screen is blank as well but can my icon and settings. I type a address in but says 0 miles to destination.

log.txt (6.1 KB)
Attached is log

Log file looks ok to me.
Did you do a master reset after your upload to the car? What you are experiencing points to that not being done in my view.
When I updated mine to the same current version recently I got the same ‘not available’ message regarding the gps until I did a master reset and then it all corrected itself.

Even try another master reset if you did it after the update and if successful check the new version and build no. and maps. Should be 3.4.23088, maps 2.22 as you are no doubt aware.

Did the update, went to general settings all the way to bottom and did the big reset. Restarted same issue.

Ok…what does your sync ‘about’ section now show as your latest update and maps (if at all).?

When i get off 7am ill do another reset in a open area and provide updated screen shots and short video of the issues

Ok…sorry, time difference here in Australia. 7.15pm Sunday night here currently. :slightly_smiling_face:

No worries, at all just inside a airport garage atm. And dont want that to be the issue. Currently 4am so 3 hours till ill be in opem

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If I am asleep when you reply I will definitely follow it up in the morning here, maybe 5pm your time Sunday. :wink:
However if no joy my suggestion is to do the upload in the car again ensuring that you do not remove the USB stick even if told to by the system until the screen turns green at the end after 30 minutes or so (normally).
After it reboots then do a master reset and let us know result.

Apologize if this is exactly the way you have done the upload but some often pull the USB stick early.

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Redid the reset same issues, reinstalled same issue so gonna downgrade it back to a working version

The clock and maps use GPS for proper function. You will need to get out of the garage…

So you tried the master reset and new instal outside of the garage and still no maps?
If you want to try going back to a previous version I would suggest 3.4.21265, NA 2.22 maps as that is reported here as one of the most stable versions.

Please keep us updated. :wink:

It may take some time to get a GPS lock if you didn’t have one when you master reset and/or upgraded.

I did earlier and same issue downgraded to 22200 and everything went back to normal. Gps is working again nav is working again and the clock is working just fine. Not sure why it wasnt working with the other update. Cause my car has gps and nav built in so no idea. But everything working fine with the version mentioned.

Only thing i can think of is maybe the map pack i chose was wrong. When i downgraded i chose the map version 2.22 2022 na

Not sure but got it working with 22200 update version, may wait a couple weeks and try again.

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