2020 APIM update

My Mondeo was originally equipped with SYNC 2, I upgraded to SYNC 3 (MY 18.5 APIM) in October with version 3.4 20136 and F9 maps. Everything worked but maps were slow to load. Updated to latest 3.4 20282 but maps still were slow to load. So I managed to find an APIM 64GB MY 2020 from a Fiesta (APIM only) and thought I’d give it a try. Using Forscan I saved my current config from the older sync 3 unit and copied to the new one, I can confirm the fiesta APIM works perfectly in the Mondeo, but it had an early Ford release of 3.4 and F8 maps. I tried updating to Cyanlabs 3.4 20282 and F9 maps using Auto Install but got mem_err01. So then I just updated 3.4 without maps, all ok. But still F8 maps. Then stupidly I tried to install the maps and voice files using the reformat method and ended up with a red screen of death and format error. (Yes I know, 2020 don’t use reformat) well the screen was now stuck in a loop of asking me to connect usb then telling me format error, so I thought nothing to lose, I’ll download a complete reformat of the software, maps, app, gracenotes, enhanced DAB etc, and I am pleased to report I have not bricked my 2020 APIM and everything works with almost immediate map loading and everything is so much smoother. :blush:


Great news. The issue is actually with 2020 displays rather than 2020 apims, the reformat tool is not compatible with 2020 displays. As your mondeo screen will be 2015 or 2016, reformat is risk free for you.

I’ve learnt something new, didn’t even think about the display tbh.

The faster processor has definitely improved things. I was a little unsure if the fiesta APIM would work or not but happily it does. It’s an L version so I think it’s the latest available.

Yes, at least in the wild. The M versions are in production 2021’s now.

That’s great. Thanks for posting the info. Enjoy the new system.

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