2020 F250 3.4 to 3.3 question

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I was curious if it was safe to go from 3.4 to 3.3 on a 2020 F250 non nav? My wife’s explorer has 3.3 and I prefer it over 3.4. Can I just use the autodetect method instead of the downgrade option? I notice the downgrade option give a warning but auto does not. I just wanted to be sure before potentially damage.

Thank you

You can technically perform an auto install of 3.3 onto your system however I would not necessarily recommend doing so as it’s putting your system onto an older version of SYNC than what your vehicle came with.

It may introduce bugs and you may lose access to features that are natively supported for your vehicle in 3.4. If you still want to proceed with the install, just make sure that the install mode does not say “downgrade” or “reformat” (it shouldn’t because you don’t have maps).

Thanks for the reply. I guess if it doesn’t work out I can always jump back to 3.4. I don’t think my truck will have issues as it’s an stx. My father in laws 19 lariat has more features than me and he is on 3.3.

Yeah, you’re likely going to be fine and you’re right you can always just back up to 3.4.

Just finished flashing. It works great. Nice to have the dark theme that 3.3 has.

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