2021 convert Explorer Sync Usa to EU

I bought a 2021 Ford Explorer (Sync 3.4.20237 NA) from the USA, now I’m trying to update the system and change the maps from NA to EU to match the 16GB capacity. I haven’t had a Ford above 2020+ yet and I wouldn’t want to make a mistake :slight_smile:
Can I do it in this version of SYNC without formatting and what do I need to be careful not to crash the system?

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Since you are saying you have a 16gb APIM, I assume that’s a NO NAV APIM from the US.
There are 2 issues here:

  • you will need to change regions, which is not supported by Cyanlabs (and I think it needs a reformat, which you can’t do since you have a MY20/+ model)
  • you have a 16 GB APIM, which is not really suitable for EU navigation.

I would recommend you get a proper 64GB EU APIM assembly (screen also). The screen can’t be MY20/+ either, since it prevents reformat as well.

I’m trying to change what I have to Europe because I saw on the web that it is possible, the only question is how? :slight_smile: it’s worth a try because I can always buy a new APIM :slight_smile:

As @SaNdMaN said above, also the EU maps will not fit on 1 16GB unit, you would need a 64GB unit. But the whole primary point here is that you cannot reformat the APIM, being a 2021 model. Therefore you cannot erase the storage to make room for any maps at all, at least with any Ford tools via USB. Just buy the proper APIM and go from there.

Maps can be customized (remove some European countries) to reduce the size of EU maps. But ok, I’ll buy a new APIM. What should I look for when buying? Is it supposed to be a specific year? After replacement, can I upload the configuration directly or set everything individually?

Do not take this the wrong way, since there may be a language barrier here (I do not speak English natively). I do not intend to say this the wrong way, I’m just trying to help and to make a point.

Nobody said otherwise, we are aware that you can exclude regions.
But 2 experienced users on this site told you that fitting EU maps on a 16GB APIM is a bad idea, that it won’t fit, specially a MY20 16GB APIM since you can’t reformat it… yet, you do not seem all that convinced and now mention removing regions from the installation.

I tell you what: all the information needed to generate a cut down map package is on the site, you just need to read the instructions. Once you do, you are of course free to try fitting EU maps on a 16GB MY20 APIM.

Please proceed and make sure to provide some feedback at the end of the process.

The most important thing to know is the manufacture date. do not buy anything past 2019 for obvious reasons. So you need to look for H, J or K series APIM, but make sure they are not MY20 before purchasing. If you have doubt, ask before buying.
If the seller can take photos of the stickers, that’s a good start. I’m telling this because we have seen J series MY20 APIMs, which should not be MY20 based on the model number. But Ford started releasing replacement units with older part models, so the sticker is quite an important piece of information.

Also, keep in mind that the leaked reformat tool does not have proper drivers to handle MY20 screens. So as before, if you buy a new NON-MY20 64 GB APIM you would still not be able to reformat it if you keep your current MY20 Screen.

Finally, keep in mind that Cyanlabs does not support changing regions, but I’m sure you will be able to find information online (Even on this site).

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English is also not my native language so don’t worry :slight_smile: I’m probably hard to understand sometimes too :wink:

Thank you very much for your exhaustive answer :slight_smile: Now I know what to look for. Before buying, I’ll try to work on the APIM I have. I’ll let you know if I succeeded :slight_smile:

As for changing the region and slimming the maps, I can handle it, I’ve done it many times in models before MY20.

Hi , my car was Ford explorer 2017 imported from Norh America with navigation sistem to middle east,the navigation doesn’t work here , so due to your 1st issue above can I change my APIM region since my car was 2017 model . If yes how , please


As stated previously, Cyanlabs does not support changing regions. Having said so, I’m sure you will be able to find information online about that, even on these forums (check the tutorials), there’s plenty of information available even for your region.

Also, I’m closing this thread since you bumped an almost month old thread that’s not related to what you are asking.

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