2021 US Navigation Map Update Question

Anyone know when the next map update be released for sync 3? I know there’s NA 1.19, but when will NA 1.20 or NA 1.21 be released?

No one knows, it’s up to Ford.
I’ve read they usually release maps towards the end of the year.

So they shouldve had an update last year. Weird. Anyone else have a clue?

If no one knows a clue, then does someone know an email that I can ask to the Navigation Department of Ford?

you heard of this pandemic thing? might cause some delays :thinking:

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I know, but just to get data from HERE and for Ford to convert that data for SYNC, that doesn’t sound too bad. It’ll probably come this month for a 3 month delay.

The reason why I’m asking is because I fixed my towns roads on mapcreator.here.com and most edits haven’t been approved which means they haven’t been included in their main map (wego.here.com) which means those edits won’t be included in the update!

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