2022 Ford transit connect apim module interchange

Does anyone have any info on what APIMs would work on 2022 ford transit connect. Looking on ebay I see that LU5T-14G371-BNC is the right one, but wondering if a bronco, fiesta or other part numbers would work as well? This would be to add sync and a bigger screen, currently have small screen/non sync.

SYNC Region: NA

Navigation Variant: Non Nav

Manufacturer Year: MY20

Install Type: Retrofit

Old SYNC Version: 0

New SYNC Version: 3

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: Official Ford

I will answer your question with another question: being this your first message/thread here, are you always this rude and ask a question without even the basics manners of saying “hi” or even a “thanks”?..

It almost looks like as if you think we are at your service… And for free, on top of that, since you are not even a supporter…

You must be a really fun person to be with…

I’m sure someone else will “service you” shortly, I have no interest in answering you…

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Sorry to offend you…I didn’t mean to come off that way, I was in a quick search all over google to find answers, came across this interesting site and thought I would check to see if this was even the right place to find this kind of info. Also, I am a member on lots of different forums/groups pertaining to vehicle stuff, (locksmith, automotive programming, troubleshooting, etc) and some want the hi hows the weather, my name is Jarrod, while others wont both to read unless you are short, sweet and to the point.

I just got this 2022 ford transit connect and would like to upgrade from the non-sync mainly for carplay and a bigger reverse cam screen. I plan to outfit it for my locksmith side business. I have fjds/fdrs, forscan, etc for programming but cant seem to find thorough information on what modules may work. Seems the screens should be fine I think, acm shouldn’t have to be change, but I may have to find a good conversion harness or piece something together.

Technically a Sync3 APIM is agnostic as long as it is the same year as the vehicle or newer, what’s important is the config in the AsBuilt of the unit.
That has to be changed to match the vehicle you’re dealing with and you can’t just use your factory one since it’s not for a 8" screen or whatever else has to be changed out to do the conversion (hence the reason you see programming by VIN offered on eBay or as a service on some sites)…

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Awesome, that makes perfect sense. I will see if I can get one and get it going, thanks!

So I’ve got everything in and had to do my own wiring. Screen comes on but I am using the original acm and can’t even change the as built or change screen size to 6.5 in forscan. It says configuration invalid. I thought my acm would work fine, do I need to get one from a sync vehicle?

You have to load Forscan without a saved config.

Just an update in case it might help someone else. It does seem the ACM needed to be changed out so once I did that I had sound and control over it. From there I was stuck with a 4" display on an 6.5" screen that wouldn’t let the touch screen operate so it was stuck on am and I couldn’t do much. I guess the screen size is determined by the actual firmware and not just asbuilt data. So I used the updater hoping it might get the right software, and I lucked out! after waiting for an hour and watching it stuck in a update/reboot cycle, I finally shut it off (basically giving up) and to my surprise it came up fully functional in full screen! Currently my backup cam isn’t working but I suspect its an asbuilt setting or the wiring itself.

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