4 inch to 8 in sync3 upgraded. No fordpass after upgrade

Hi all, I am new to this. I have a 2021 ecosport S. Yesterday I upgraded from a 4 sync3 to an 8. I used the oem APIM and upgraded the firmware to 3.4.21265. The upgrade went fine and everything is working as it should except the fordpass. I did a factory reset on the radio to get it working properly after the update. With that the app on my phone deleted the car. I then reset the app and tried to add the car back and it goes through on my phone (android) but I never get the notifications for completion on the radio. Phone just says pending. Is there something I have missed or skipped? Could this be an Asbuilt issue? Thanks for any help.

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Make sure you have HS4 turned on in the APIM.

I am assuming I need forscan for this? I have the obd2 ordered and coming in a few days. Or is there a way to check this without forscan? Would that be located under the apim settings in forscan? Thanks.

Yes, you will need Forscan to make changes to the AsBuilt option. Knowing this now I would guess that is probably the problem.

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So I got forscan and went through all the options I could think of and still unable to get fordpass connected. I even called a ford pass rep and they said everything looks good on their end. Looks like the car should be displaying an accept message but it just is not. On my phone is it just stuck on pending. Im kinda stuck now… I wonder what it is. Thanks for the help though.

Without posting any asbuilt data or any information there is little we can do to assist further.

Post your asbuilt values for APIM and TCU etc.

Make sure that “Connected Services” is turned on in your account and the APIM.

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