About ford gt theme in sysnc3 3.3 19052

My car is in SYNC3 3.3-19052. I try to change the theme to Ford GT.
It looks like a success。
But the text under icon can’t display correctly。see the picture as follows。
The text is Chinese Word。
If the language is changed to English, it is normal.
Is this version of the program without Chinese language pack?


Sync3 v3.2 or higher the GT theme is no longer supported.
Is this a customized build of Sync 3.3? Sync 3 was not available in 2013, so this is a retrofit.

First of all, Thank you for your reply.

No, I learned from practice. In 3.3 19052, Ford GT theme is still available. I use Forscan to modify 7D0 value to 0-D-4. saw a blue glass effect theme. There is no problem in English display, but the text is ??? in Chinese.

You can use the Fast Forward +Pop-Up key to enter the test mode to see it.

For GT theme
7D0-01-02: 0xxx xxxx xxxx
7D0-02-01: xxxx 0Dxx xxxx
7D0-03-01: xxxx 04xx xxxx

Officially, Sync3 v3.2 or higher the GT theme is no longer supported. You must have a very early Sync 3.2 APIM that has been updated. It is not surprising that the theme has display issues in Sync 3.3.

What voice file is installed in the unit? The latest voice file for Sync 3.3 CN is below.


Edit: If you update the Sync version 3.4+, the option for the GT Theme will be removed.

Thanks a lot.
The voice file in the unit is 4U5T-14G391-EH

Let me try the new voice file。