Accidently selected Non nav when updating 3.0-3.4


My dumb arse not paying attention selected Non Nav APIM eventhough i do have a NAV when updating from 3.0 to 3.4

Now i have Navigation malfunction (rightfully so) so i did try a master reset but that just kept me on 3.4 with the same fault

Whats the best way to change it a Nav 3.4?

Please dont laugh too much :frowning: haha

The best way to fix this is to reformat process again, but this time you will be downgrading and then reformatting to add the maps. You will need to re-install everything.

Just use the Syn3 Updater and enter your present version and make sure the region and NAV are correct. The process will be automatic, you do not need to force anything.

Okay thanks for the info

Just to make sure

Im selecting the version i just updated to and this time clicked Navigation - Yes

And in the configuration - Select the same version but select the latest map version?

Thanks for your help

Looks fine. It will take like 45 minutes or so for the process to complete in the car…

Thanks, just ordering a new USB to arrive tomorrow as im assuming to add nav back on i will need a 32gb one as currently i used a 16 gb one

all fixed! thankyou very much

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