Activating Marker Lights on Mirrors as a DRL

Good morning everyone!
I have researched to no avail on how to enable the marker lights on the mirrors to function as a DRL WITHOUT enabling headlights as DRL. In essence, when the truck is turned on, I would like to have the mirror marker lights turn on. This is not related to any spotlight function in the mirror as I do not have spotlights. Any help and insight is GREATLY appreciated!!!

Would that be legally acceptable where you are?

It is legal here to have running lights displayed in that manner. As any time the headlights/ running lights are activated, the mirror running lights are also activated.

This is key: the mirror lights can be done in this way as long as the factory OEM lighting is maintained. DRL lighting is positioned on the front of the vehicle. Mirror lighting would be considered as side lighting, enen though it can be seen from the front. The mirror lights (or any lighting) on a non-emergency vehicle must not be red or blue facing forward on the vehicle. This is FMVSS standard.

Parking lights are not considered DRL. (Legally.)

There is a wiring kit available for the F series that will allow the use of the mirror lights as marker lights with turn signal ability. I do not know of a kit that will let the mirror lights function as DRL. Probably a reason for that.

There are no asbuilt settings in the F series that will enable this.

I see what you are getting at. Thank you so much for the response F150chief!