Actual 3.0.19205 - active guidelines


I’ve bought a 2017 S-Max with Sync 3 and when using the rear camera the first time I’ve seen that the active guidelines are not present, only the static ones. I’ve asked the seller about this thing and he told me that this is maybe a version without guidelines. The far has navigation, active park assistent and a lot of other nice things but this is missing. My question now is If an update of the sync can solve the problem? Ford homepage says that 3.0.20204 is the most actual version for my car.

Thanks in advance for your help.

SYNC Region: EU

Navigation Variant: Nav

Manufacturer Year: Pre MY20

Install Type: OEM

Old SYNC Version: 3.0.19205

New SYNC Version: 3.0.20204

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: Official Ford

Did he ever replace the camera?

No, he hasn’t.

He may be right…

You can look for your vehicle asbuilt and/or window sticker using your VIN and see if it is equipped.

Where can I get these information? The interesting thing is that in the manual is no version explained without active guidelines.

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