Actualizacion Sync 3 version 3.0.20204 a 3.4

‎Well days I bought a focus se 2017 and I wanted to know if any irreversible inconvenience can arise if it is updated from version 3.0.20204 to version 3.4 and if not, which of these is the most recommended. ‎
‎ Searching the internet I found cyanalbs and browsing the page I saw the user SaNdMaN who in addition to being Argentine has the same car and model and would let me know what his experience was. ‎
‎ Thank you‎

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Updating Sync 3 version 3.0.20204 to Sync 3.4 recommendation…


I would recommend using the latest version, Sync 3.4.21194. @SaNdMaN can answer your question about user experience…



Issues had been discussed thoroughly in the forums, the lastest build is quite polished and only a few bugs are still there, like the playback issues. Another thing is that you will no longer be able to toggle auto dimming.

Other than that, there are no catastrophic issues.

Whether you upgrade or not, is actually your choice.

I’m still at 3.0, in case you wonder.

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muchas gracias por la respuesta. No actualizaste por algún motivo especifico?

Please post in English using Google Translator…

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This is an english speaking community, so please post in english.

I’ve not updated because I rely heavily on media playback from USB or phone and 3.4 can have some issues with that (like hiccups while playing). That’s mainly why, since I do not really use Syn3 for Navigation either. And when I do, default Nav works just ok.

I also use Android Auto quite often, which puts Sync3 in the background.

So summing up: if it’s not broken, do not fix it.
And the way I use Sync3, it’s not broken for me.

Is 3.4 better?, yes, surely.
But I’m really fine with 3.0.

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i´m sorry, i will from now on

excellent explanation, thanks again

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