Actualizar 3.3 a 3.4 en apim 2021

Hola amigos, tengo un coche ford fiesta del país colombia y decidí cambiar de sync2 a sync3 así que compre un modulo apim del año 2021 en México y una pantalla del año 2017. Pero al hacer el cambio en mi coche el apim del año 2021 trae software del sync 3.0 y quiero actualizarlo al 3.4 y con navegacion.

Pero he leído que cyanlabs bloquea y daña los apim del año 2020 y 2021 al hacer la actualización por que se debe hacer "reformat " al momento de actualizar.

Esto es verdad y como puedo hacer para actualizar a version 3.4 sin que el apim sufra daños ?

English please, I don’t go on foreign forums and type in other languages.

Hello friends, I have a ford fiesta car from the country of Colombia and I decided to change from sync2 to sync3 so I bought an apim module from the year 2021 in Mexico and a screen from the year 2017. But when making the change in my car the apim of the year 2021 brings sync 3.0 software and I want to update it to 3.4 and with navigation.

But I have read that cyanlabs blocks and damages the apim of the year 2020 and 2021 when doing the update because it must be “reformat” at the time of updating.

This is true and how can I upgrade to version 3.4 without the apim getting damaged?

Well, actually the issue is with MY20 or later screens, but we have at least one of success with MY20+ APIMs with older screens that worked; and also a user that said he had a MY20+ APIM with older screen that failed. So, using reformat on a MY20+ APIM with older screen would be at your own risk.

That being said, there’s a way of using AUTOINSTALL to avoid the reformat phase, see link provided before.

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